About Allah Creates Man Makes

Weight: 298 gms

Dimension: 8.7 X 8.0 inches

Code: ACR02

Age group: 3 to 6 years

The book invites young readers to enter into a world where there are numerous creations and inventions around him.

The child reads about conversations between man made inventions such as ‘a bulb’ and a creation of Allah (swt) ‘the sun’.

The young reader discovers the difference in the abilities and might of the Creator Allah swt and man as an inventor.

The idea is to introduce to young Muslims their Creator Allah (swt) so they wonder, ask more and solve big problems of life ahead.

A unique effort to help the child realize the concept of this temporary material world.

About ABC of Allah’s World 

Weight: 308 gms

Dimension: 8.4 X 8.8 inches

Code: ABC01

Age group: 3 to 6 years

ABC of Allah‘s World is not your regular ABC book. The main aim of this book is to introduce children to Allah‘s name Al-Khaaliq. Each alphabet is connected with a word that mentions that it is created by Allah and then poses a question that Moms and Dads can use as starting points for discussion with their young ones. With vibrant and colourful photographs, this book promises an enriching gadget free time for parents and toddlers and facilitates parents to connect their children to Allah from a young age.

ABC of Allah’s World is the first book of Hiba’s series called Smart Hearts Thinking Minds. This noteworthy publication has been sponsored by Nahl Works. It is designed to help kids recognize their Creator through the world of creation they commonly witness around them. It prepares their little minds for the big questions ahead of them in terms of their own creation.

Author: Rahila Abdul Aziz

Illustrator: Absar Kazmi

Layout design: Urooj Khan

Publisher: Hiba – Family Resource Centre

Pages: 56

Color of the Cover: Yellow

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