Counting is an essential concept introduced first and foremost as part of mathematics. Different books have brilliantly covered various ways of introducing this concept and helping children master the tricky art of counting large sets of objects.

In this book, we relate the concept of counting to Islamic manners that are appropriate to introduce to the same age group: 3 to 6 years.

As children count everyday items, they also learn to obey Allah (swt), follow the Sunnah, help parents and grandparents, care for animals, be good neighbours, and so on.

A glossary of terms is given at the end of the book for parents to explain the relevant terminology. An index of Adaab and a table of Allah’s (swt) names and their meanings are also provided as a handy reference.

We pray that you find this resource useful. May Allah (swt) enable us to nurture our families on the teachings of our beautiful Deen. May we help ourselves and our children today to prepare to stand before Allah (swt) tomorrow and meet His Divine Pleasure. Ameen.

Dimensions: 8 by 8 inches

Age group: 3 to 6 years

Content development: Hafsa Ahsan & Rana Khan

Illustrations, layout & cover design: Urooj Khan

Publisher: Hiba – Family Resource Centre

Pages: 32 (Softcover)

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