About the book

Dimensions: 5.50 x 8.50 inches

Age group: 8 years and above

They arrived, they struggled, and they conquered – not just the lands around them but also the hearts of the people living in their times. 5 Minutes with a Hero is a book that enables youngsters to travel back into time and be impacted by real characters within five minutes of reading in a simple yet compelling style.

Since long, all our kids have known are the fake or animated heroes created mostly by production companies mainly for entertainment, minting wealth or worse, serve ulterior motives.

It’s about time that our youth explore their own glorious past, be inspired, and carve out a great future for themselves to lead the world.

5 Minutes with a Hero offers:

  • A set of clues to identify each hero
  • The inspiring life story of each hero
  • Detailed information on why this hero should be your role model

The book is also a highly recommended read for adults to brush up their own history and spark up discussions with their children or students. Together you can discover fifteen dynamic Muslim heroes who blazed a trail for themselves and led the world towards hope and light, shaping the world we live in today!

Remember the future grows out of the present and the present out of the past. Our children need to feel gratitude, high self-esteem and enthusiasm to own their golden history. It will enable them to make wise choices in the life ahead.

The stronger the roots, the sweeter the fruit!

Content development: Rana Rais Khan & Rahila Abdul Aziz

Layout & cover design: Urooj Khan

Publisher: Hiba – Family Resource Centre

Pages: 124

Colour of the cover page: Red


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