Islamic fiction paperback novel that is fun yet meaningful

  • It’s ticklish!
  • It’s written in an easy to read style!
  • It’s totally unputdownable!
  • It has a very important underlying message about Ihsan and ethics!
  • It ultimately aims to connect children to the Quran and help them apply its teachings in real life.

About the Book

Zayd and Musa are in a pickle (again)! Mommy is in a crisis, homework is piling up, and shopping is becoming a headache. How can the twins implement the concept of Ihsan to save the day?

A note for parents from the author

I originally titled this series “Living the Quran with Zayd & Musa”. My aim was to weave a story – a humourous story that children could enjoy and relate to – around the concepts that our beautiful Deen teaches us in the Quran.

While the children enjoy the shenanigans of Zayd and Musa, they also learn some important concepts taught in the Quran. The concept covered in this book is Ihsan.

The book navigates tricky concepts like online shopping, being an ethical customer, and doing school tasks in a responsible manner.

The storyline is humourous and engaging so as to not become overly preachy for children.

Feedback is welcome!

You are welcome to share your feedback at and help us improve the series. May Allah accept this humble endeavour. Ameen.

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