Front side of the card has the title of the Dua. Inside is the Arabic Dua on left side and the Urdu translation on  right side. The reverse side of the card has the translation in English.

Featuring authentic Duas from the Quran and Sunnah:

  • Invocation for the best life
  • Invocation to build a connection with Allah
  • Invocation to seek understanding of Deen
  • Invocation for protection
  • Invocation for Tahajjud
  • Invocation before going to sleep
  • Invocation for guidance
  • Invocation during a journey
  • Invocation against the enemies of Islam
  • Invocation to seek forgiveness for the deceased.

Allah (swt) is pleased with the believers who humbly present their needs before Him and trust Him alone. These Duas pertain to important events/happenings of your life. Take your Ibadah to the next level with the power pack, In sha Allah! Gift it to others to earn Sadqa e Jaariya, too.

Why is this power pack a must-have? (Urdu audio)

Why is this power pack a must-have? (English audio)

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