She gets lost while taking a toy tour, accidentally bites her dentist on her regular checkup, and chases her tutors away simply by performing gymnastics. Dahlia means well but her dreams turn into hilarious misadventures every time. What is she up to next?

At a time when English is the preferred language for many children, Dahlia series is an effort to offer these young and emerging readers an opportunity to preserve their culture and decency yet be entertained and even inspired by this character.

The Dahlia series motivates kids spiritually, when they observe that she is a normal kid who at times makes mistakes and is even naughty. Yet she is not a one-dimensional character who is error-free and extremely pious. Her correct thoughts and choices make her a worthy Muslim child. She always strives to please Allah (swt).

Intellectually, the book introduces age appropriate general knowledge and word power. The vocabulary is meticulously selected and brings forth synonyms, adjectives, verbs and nouns where required.

Emotionally, the characters reflect a family that harbours respect, understanding, healthy humour, generosity, hospitality and hope.

It is imperative for every parent to learn that our present thoughts are developed by our current occupations. If the child reads sub-standard literature (no matter how popular/trendy it may be) in contrast to his or her values and intellect, it will translate into future actions. Kids live out the stuff they read or watch. So what they read holds precious value.

Let your kid enjoy Dahlia the Dreamer and explore what a fun and loving Muslim family feels like.

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