Hibakidz features:

  • A detailed story about how Abdur-Rahman ibn Awf became wealthy and conducted his business ethically.
  • The winning story of the Gilded Words competition titled ‘Say No To Bullying’ by hibakidz’s young writer Marium Usman.
  • New Zayd and Musa short story about the true ‘importance’ of brands and why they should or should not dominate your conversations with friends.
  • Allah’s name as-Sitter, the Concealer, to help hibakidz readers understand who Allah is and connect and make Dua to Him.
  • Dahlia’s comic and laugh lines to tickle the tummies.
  • A quiz to get to know yourself.
  • Puzzles, riddles and knowledge quizzes.
  • A report about the ‘Khel’ Initiative to help young hibakidz readers find out about the positive activities happening around Pakistan.
  • Best of all, a contest offering exciting prizes to top 3 winners!

Note: hibakidz content is authenticated for Shariah compliance by Brother Abu Abdillah (religious scholar of the Quran and Sunnah).

[hibakidz] The Money Maker