Each storybook provides rib-tickling clean humour that is also Shariah compliant

This set has 3 storybooks

Dahlia the Dreamer (48 pages)

She gets lost while taking a toy tour, accidentally bites her dentist on her regular checkup, and chases her tutors away simply by performing gymnastics. Dahlia means well but her dreams turn into hilarious misadventures every time. What is she up to next?

Dahlia’s Alligator Diaries & Other Stories (72 pages)

She tries to whizz through the tasks given to her, but is not able to apply the speed brakes on time. She offers to babysit but discovers it is a total disaster. She tries to spruce up ‘time out’ for her school mates, but has an unfortunate run-in with the teacher. Ten-year-old Dahlia means well, but her life springs hilarious surprises and misadventures every time. What is she up to next?

About The Trouble with Videos (64 pages)

Zayd and Musa are stupefied at Isa’s new video channel. Is he going too far in his quest for fame? Will they pull him away from the murky land of fake videos before it’s too late?

Zayd & Musa series aims to connect children to the Quran in a practical yet engaging way.

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