Islamic fiction paperback novel that is fun yet meaningful

  • It’s ticklish!
  • It’s written in an easy to read style!
  • It’s totally unputdownable!
  • It has a very important underlying message about Taqwa!
  • It ultimately aims to connect children to the Quran and help them apply its teachings in real life.

About the Book

Nine-year-old twins Zayd & Musa are in a pickle. Every time their parents treat them to ice cream, they also break some bad news to them! Will Zayd & Musa ever be able to really enjoy ice cream? Or keep shaking in their shoes, bracing themselves for the next misfortune to come their way?

Zayd & Musa series aims to connect children to the Quran in a practical yet engaging way. This book weaves the concept of Taqwa (mindfulness of Allah) around a humorous story for children aged 7 and above.

[Double Fun Pack] Trouble with...

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