About Discover Your Spouse

Dimension: 5.5 by 8.5 inches (with hardcover binding)

Age group: Married couples

What did you enjoy most while you were in college or university? What is your idea of romance? How do you prefer to solve your problems?

Everyone has thoughts, hopes, fears, and dreams. Some talk about it. Many don’t.

As married couples, we are often busy or untrained to hold those magical conversations that can let us into each other’s innermost world. The idea is not to pry but to genuinely understand our spouse with purity of intent and to share their beautiful or terrifying world.

The 100 questions in Discover Your Spouse are designed to help you hold some intimate talks with your better half that will spark his or her interest. It will get the conversation going and offer you an insight into your spouse’s personal life.

It will enable you to laugh together, spark up romance, and be surprised at each other’s creativity or innocence. It will also empower you to learn about your spouse’s fears, discomforts, and sadness. Discover Your Spouse can help you freeze the time into a keepsake of warm marital memories.

May Allah (swt) grant you a blissful marriage with Mawaddah (intense love) and Rahmah (mercy) and enable you to build a relationship worthy of Jannah where you live forever in lasting peace and delights. Ameen.

Content: Rana Rais Khan

Layout & cover design: Urooj Khan

Publisher: Hiba – Family Resource Centre

Pages: 112

Colour of the cover page: Blue and pink

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