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Dahlia storybooks are part of Hiba’s Readelicious series that aims to provide children with illustrated fiction chapter books that are fun and meaningful (without being preachy!). Each storybook provides rib-tickling clean humour that is also Shariah compliant

This set has 4 storybooks

Dahlia’s Clumsy Chorus & Other Stories (68 pages)

She leads the class chorus but stumbles and tumbles, causing the rest of the kids to fall down the stairs. She goes to a party and ends up in a pond soaked to the skin. She tries to help her mom shop for the right shoe, but embarrasses her instead. Ten-year-old Dahlia means well, but her life springs funny surprises and misadventures every time. What is she up to next?

Dahlia the Social Bee & Other Stories (92 pages)

She goes out for dinner and tries to befriend a couple who is allergic to babies. She orders food via an app but gets a shock when her order arrives. She goes to visit a science fair but is mysteriously stopped from entering a particular lab. She visits the beach and discovers something surprising in the corn seller’s hammock. Ten-year-old Dahlia means well, but her life springs near disasters, hilarious surprises, and misadventures every time. What is she up to next?

Dahlia’s Alligator Diaries & Other Stories (72 pages)

She tries to whizz through the tasks given to her, but is not able to apply the speed brakes on time. She offers to babysit but discovers it is a total disaster. She tries to spruce up ‘time out’ for her school mates, but has an unfortunate run-in with the teacher. Ten-year-old Dahlia means well, but her life springs hilarious surprises and misadventures every time. What is she up to next?

Dahlia’s Comic Digest & Other Stories (88 pages) 

The book revolves around Dahlia, a ten-year-old good-natured, energetic, and curious young girl. The stories peak with her brother Daniyal, sister Maria, her Mom, Dad and pet cats Ginger and Garlic popping in every now and then. Dahlia has equally interesting neighbours Hamza and Huda who have their own tales to tell.