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July 11- Teen tales

Teen Tales

Umm Isam shares some stories of teenagers and the learning from each of them.

July 11- Resisting peer pressure

Resisting Peer Pressure

Is there a way out for those teenagers, who are inclined towards their Deen and yet succumb to peer-pressure for fear of isolation? Sadaf Farooqi has some handy solutions.

July 11-its just a mirage

It’s Just a Mirage

Hafsa Ahsan unveils the reality of the advertisement slogans.

July 11 - What a teenager hears everyday

What a Teenager Hears Everyday…

A day in the life of a teenager - a point to ponder for nagging parents.

July 11- When the bumpy ride begins

When the Bumpy Ride Begins…

Patience, love and prayers with consistent effort are the most effective tools to deal with your teens, writes Sameen Sadaf!

cover - youth - Jul 11

Youth: Future of the Ummah

What can be done to improve the current situation and channel the youth towards a positive future? Hiba Magazine interviewed a few prominent personalities, who have worked with the youth in different fields.

July 11- wonder-boys

The Wonder Boys Who Became Great Men

Hassan (rta) and Hussain (rta) are role models for Muslim families today: reminders for new mothers that Tarbiyyah begins from conception and is pivotal in the early childhood years, writes Sadaf Farooqi.


July 11 - WAr in Monotheistic religion

War in Monotheistic Religions – Islam

Laila Brence details the concept of war in Islam.

July 11- Islam in Saudi Arabia

Islam in Saudi Arabia

My story of Islam in Saudi Arabia is mainly a story about a relatively new Muslim revert, who has lived in both Western and Eastern societies, writes Kristine Julika

July 11- The Advent of universitites

The Advent of Universities

Muslims were the first civilization to institutionalize higher learning through models of systemized education, writes Saulat Pervez.


July 11- You will reclaim them

You will Reclaim Them!

When you sense a gap between your vision of a rich and joyful family life you want to have and the reality of your everyday family life, you feel disappointed. But do not despair, writes Umm Isam.

July 11- 7 habits

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teenagers – Part 8

Umm Isam discusses some PBA withdrawals and deposits, in her ongoing series for teenagers.

July 11- 5 easy habits to pick up this ramadan

Five Easy Habits to Pick up this Ramadan

Ruhaifa Samir offers five handy tips on establishing good habits this Ramadan.


July 11- Righteous children

How the Righteous Taught their Children

In order to instill in our children the values that can make them a means of Sadaqa-e-Jariya for us in our afterlife, we must follow the ways and methods by which the prophets and the righteous taught their progeny, writes Maryam Sakeenah.


Fast or Feast?

Before visiting any fast food outlet or restaurant, either for Suhoor or Iftar, ask yourself the following questions

July 11- Chand raat

Chand Raat: A Thoughtful Perspective

Iqra Asad invites our attention to the Chand Raat and suggests how we can avoid going overboard in our Eid celebrations.

July 11- Avenge me

Avenge me!

Inspiring snippets from the life of the second Caliph, Umar Ibn Al-Khattab (rta).

Men's Perspective


An Unlikely Letter from Kashmir

During one of his numerous travels to India, Igors, a European entrepreneur, visited Kashmir, where he accepted Islam. Following is the letter he wrote to his wife on the day of his conversion.



Book Reviews (Youth Issue)

Review of the latest must-reads!


Eid Treats

Jazz up your tea trolley this Eid with these easy-to-make treats!