Hiba welcomes all those who wish to contribute to the magazine. However, we recommend that you go through a few past issues of Hiba to get the feel of the magazine and the kind of material we are looking for.

Please join our writers’ group here and use the form at the end of this page to submit your article or blog.


Your article must fit in any of the following categories:

  1. Lessons in Love: Articles pertaining to married life, tips for new and veteran couples, and personal inspiring stories related to marriage.
  2. Parenting: Parenting solutions for all ages, and personal accounts and real-life stories of parenting challenges and how to overcome them.
  3. Home notes: Home remedies for common ailments, recipes, beauty and skin care tips, interior decor, et cetera.
  4. Expert’s Opinion: Heard an excellent lecture by a scholar that you would like to transcribe for Hiba Magazine? This segment is for you!
  5. hiba’s top five: Top five (Quran/Sunnah-based) solutions for any pressing problem faced in daily life.
  6. Our Role Model: Lessons from the Seerah
  7. The Family Man: Issues related to men as Ameers of the family.
  8. Reviews: Website and book reviews are welcome as are video/lecture reviews, CD/DVD reviews or reviews of Islamic toys/apps for kids.
  9. Literary Lane: Real-life stories related to daily challenges of following the Deen.


  1. Original: Any write-up that is contributed to “Hiba” must be an original piece of work by the writer, and exclusive to Hiba Magazine. Articles published in other publications or blogs will not be considered for publication.
  2. Word limit: 1 page – 500 words; 2 pages – 1000 words. Blog: 800-1000 words
  3. Solution-oriented! Articles must be solution-oriented and refrain from emotional outbursts and extensive discussion of problems.
  4. Essays or theoretical articles will not be considered for publication. Poems will be considered for the blog only.


  1. Articles (in MS Word format only) should be mailed as attachments to editor@hibamagazine.com or submitted using the form below.
  2. With your article, mention your full name and a short introduction of yourself.
  3. The editorial team will acknowledge the receipt of articles, and inform the writer where the article will be published (blog or magazine). Writers can withdraw their article at this time, if they so wish.
  4. Writers can mail the editorial team, one month after submission, to inquire about the status of the article (if they have not heard from us by then).


  1. Writers based in Pakistan will be paid, one month after the publication of the article.
  2. Writers based outside Pakistan can inform Hiba if they want any relative in Pakistan to receive their payment.
  3. At this time, Hiba is unable to offer complimentary copies.
  4. Blog entries are voluntary but all writers get their own author’s page and a chance to be the Writer of the Month.


  1. Information contained in “Hiba” can be copied, distributed and printed, as long as it is quoted in its entirety, the source is mentioned and the contents remain unchanged.
  2. Articles submitted to “Hiba”, even if they are not published in the magazine, can be used by “Hiba” in booklets or manuscripts or blog without the prior written permission of the writer.

Hiba reserves the right to change any of the aforementioned clauses, whenever it deems necessary. Writers are advised to check this section regularly.

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