Wonder cage around our chest

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Raziuddin Syed

A prolific writer on Islamic history, women's issues, prophecies of the last Prophet (sa) and dominating religions, Raziuddin Syed worked as a finance and admin manager in various industrial units for 20 years. He now runs a research academy titled National Academy of Islamic Research, based in Clifton, Karachi. He is the author and translator of 18 books on the above subjects, some having up to five editions. He has also casually appeared on television channels. He can be contacted at national.a.research@gmail.com.

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Image Courtesy www.innerbody.com

One must not have pondered over why our chest is secured by a round cage of ribs. It could have been in a square or rectangle form.  Had it been so, men and women would have faced innumerable obstacles, and the life would have gone miserable. Each time there would be a danger of collision with the cage of another person it would have resulted in wounds and cracks in the ribs-, creating additional damages to other parts of the body too.

Hence, its Allah (swt) Who has wisely framed our bodies. The cage of the chest is always round instead of being rectangular or square.



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