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By Hafsa Ahsan

Many people mistakenly assume that the wedding is the most important part of the marriage. Of course, no one can deny the importance of the wedding, but the fact remains that the marriage is above everything else. This website has quite a few enlightening articles, which reiterate the purpose of marriage and the ideal age for marriage. There are also some audio lectures for those of you, whose Internet connections can support them.

This is an extremely interesting website, which features loads of articles pertaining to different aspects of an Islamic wedding. You will find tips on how to arrange your wedding, how to avoid the last minute jitters and, most importantly, how to stay within your budget. There are also some words of wisdom – advice to the couple tying the knot as to their roles, rights and responsibilities from their big day forth.

An article that exclusively takes a look at the extravagance during marriage ceremonies and the reasons for avoiding it. Everything here is explained from an Islamic perspective. Dowries taken from the family of the bride are also discussed. Apart from this article, the website contains also other articles discussing various aspects of marriage.

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