Ways to Encourage Your Child’s Religious Studies

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Klaudia Khan

Klaudia Khan is a revert Muslimah, originally from Poland, a wife, a mother and a writer. She lives in West Yorkshire, UK and Islamabad, Pakistan and spends at least a couple of months each year in Poland. She's interested in exploring and crossing the cultural borders, living green, homeschooling and others. She can be reached at klaudia.khan@hotmail.co.uk.

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  1. Give it priority. Make time for Islamic studies and Quran recitation every day, and make that time important and special. Don’t let yourself and your children get distracted by the demands of hectic daily routines. Let them know that learning about their religion is important, even more important than housework or school homework! Value their achievements in reading or memorizing the Quran more than other academic achievements.
  2. Be an example. It’s hard to expect your children to spend lots of time reading the Quran or learning Duas, if they hardly ever see you doing that. If you want your child to become a Hafiz, why don’t you start studying together? If you can find an excuse not to, so does your child. 

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