Vol 2 -Issue 4     Beautiful names

Beautiful Names

Umm Saad lends meaning to your Tasbeehat and Dhikr. "The most beautiful names belong to Allah, so call on Him by them..." (Surah Al-Araf 7:180).

Vol 2 -Issue 4 Hope & Fear

Hope and Fear

Rana Rais Khan reflects on the aftermath of the catastrophe that struck the northern areas of Pakistan on October 8, 2005.

Vol 2 -Issue 4 Dawah The call towards Allah swt

The Call towards Allah (swt)

Rana Rais Khan contemplates on the sincerity of those who take on the mission of inviting to the Deen of Allah.



"Our beloved Prophet (sa) warned us regarding Shaitan's efforts to ruin our Salah and instructed us how to undo his mischief," explains Atefa Jamal.

Tipu Sultan

Tipu Sultan

Hafsa Ahsan lifts up our spirits with an account of a Muslim leader, popularly known as the Tiger King.

Wasted blessings

Wasted Blessings

Uzma Rizvi focuses upon the wastage of blessings bestowed upon us by Allah, accompanied by pragmatic solutions for their optimum usage and nurturing a sense of gratitude and obedience as a byproduct


Vol 2 -Issue 4 Sukuk


Ayesha Ashraf Jangda explains the idea of Islamic Sukuk, an Islamic mode of debt financing.

Vol 2 -Issue 4 Discipline-Noise control

Discipline - Noise Control

Farah Najam gives us some ideas on how to create a disciplined class atmosphere that nurtures effective teaching.


Shariah Rulings on Smoking

Rana Rais Khan confronts the smokers with the sheer reality of religious and medical proofs regarding the harms of smoking.

Vol 2 -Issue 4 Oman

Oman: The Essence of Arabia

What a wonderful place! Discover and explore the attractions of Oman with Rym Aoudia, a native of Oman.


Vol 2 -Issue 4 Preventing Wastage at Home

Preventing Wastage at Home

Sahar Khan lists easy-to-follow tips to prevent wastage at home.

Vol 2 -Issue 4 Glory for the Green thumb

Glory for the Green Thumb!

One of our readers advises us to get our hands dirty and reap rewards in this world and the Hereafter

Vol 2 -Issue 4 How to Raise a reader

How to Raise a Reader

Kids can be nurtured as good readers, explains Affaf Jamal.

Vol 2 -Issue 4 Poison-Proofing

Poison-proofing Your Home

Dr. Naseeruddin Mahmood (consultant Pediatrician and Neonatologist) suggests ways to poison-proof your home and maintain a medicine cupboard for daily care as well as emergencies.



Dear Haadia

I don't want to cover my head. What do I do?

Hidden Voices

Hidden Voices

In memory of the earthquake victims

Vol 2 -Issue 4 Scaling the Mountains

Scaling the Mountains

The youth report about the 8th October 2005 earthquake

Vol 2 -Issue 4 Its Valentine's Day

It's Valentine's Day!

Sana Zahid and Umm Isam uncover the truth behind the chocolate-heart-flavoured Valentine's Day.