Cover Story

faith of friend

On the Faith of My Friend (Part 1)

Maria Haqqani presents real-life accounts which illustrate the Hadeeth: "A person is on the Deen of his friend..."

career or kids

Career or Kids? Every Mom’s Dilemma

In order to prioritize our values in life we need to understand that parenthood is a unique role. It is about nurturing the potential of a special human being entrusted to our care.


The Pakistani Wow-man

Tooba Asim takes a look at the journey of two courageous women, who defied the odds and stood up to the challenges that they were facing.


Legacy of a Mominah

The first prize-winning story from Hiba Magazine's competition: She's an Inspiration.

women power

Women Power!

Dr. Farhat Hashmi profiles some of the "high-flying" women in the Islamic history and outlines the role of a Muslim woman as defined by Allah (swt).

haya in danger

Haya in Danger

Uzma Jawed takes a look at the spread of obscenity in the society which is endangering the Haya.


who am i

“Who am I?” - Resolving an Identity Crisis

Sheikh Omar Suleiman addresses a LiveDeen gathering about resolving an identity crisis.


Surah Hujurat in Our Lives (Part 1)

Hiba Magazine (in collaboration with Al-Huda Sisters, Dubai) presents a new series of Quran Insights. In this issue, verse 1 of Surah Hujurat is discussed in detail.



Talaq by the Qawwam

Dr. Israr Ahmed clarifies the correct etiquette of giving a divorce

99 names

99 Names of Allah (swt) and my Autistic Child

Zohaira Munir relates a personal experience that increased her in faith and Tawaakul upon Allah (swt)

confident mother

Confident Mother Syndrome

Maria Elahi conducts an informal survey and discovers an alarming rise in "Confident Mother Syndrome" - are you afflicted, too?


Being Sisterly

Umm Ibrahim offers some handy tips to those who want to offer selfless support to their fellow sisters in the community,



Lessons from the Life of Hajar (as)

Kulsoom Omar articulates some of the in-depth lessons to be learned from the life of Hajar or Hajrah (as), wife of Prophet Ibrahim (as).


Generosity wins!

Snippets from the lives of our pious predecessors!

Men's Perspective


So what’s your priority?

If family is what we can die for, why does it get subordinated to other values, work, friends or private hobbies? Why don’t we give our primary attention and focus to what matters most to us?



Book Reviews (Women Power)

Laila Brence covers some must-reads related to women power!

report card

The Much-Dreaded Report Card

How do you react if your child gets an unsatisfactory result? Imrana Moiz has some handy tips to be implemented on the "result day".


“Sina” – Empower with Honour

“Hiba” spoke to Mrs. Zartaj Subhani of “Sina – Health, Education and Welfare Trust”. Mrs. Subhani, along with her colleague, Ms. Iffat, is also running a project under the banner of Sina that empowers women patients who visit the medical facilities running under Sina.


Organizing and De-cluttering Homes

Do you sometimes feel like there are houses within your humble abode? Umm Isam offers some practical suggestions to declutter and get organized.