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4 lives legacies of fathers sons

Lives and Legacies of Fathers and Sons

Umm Amal shares inspiring examples of father-son relationships from the Islamic history.

3 failed our sons

Have We Failed Our Sons?

Have we placed too much of a burden on the daughters as compared to our sons when it comes to balancing relationships in a marriage? Are we, as their elders, to be blamed for not grooming our sons into responsible husbands and fathers? Alia Adil asks some pertinent questions in this thought provoking article.

1 cool father super sons

Cool Fathers, Super Sons!

Do distinguished fathers grow out of the soil? What is the formula of extraordinary fatherhood? And how is it achieved? Asim Ismail takes a detailed look.

2 surah yusuf teaches fatherhood

Surah Yusuf Teaches Fatherhood

What parenting lessons can we derive from Surah Yusuf, the 12th chapter of the Quran? Asim Ismail takes a thought provoking look.


7 coolness of eyes

Our Families; Coolness of our Eyes

Our homes today are a storm! How can we find the 'coolness of our eyes' at home? How does our conduct effect the future generations? Noman Ali Khan shares the meaning of a powerful Dua.

Is Allah (swt) Happy with Me?

In an exclusive interview with Hiba Magazine, Dr. Bilal Philips answers key questions on happiness and how a believer can tell that Allah is happy with him or her.

6 alchemy of happiness

The Alchemy of Happiness

Before you discover yourself, you must discover Allah, writes Imam al-Ghazali as he guides us on how to achieve the alchemy of happiness


9 happy marriage

A Decade of Happy Marriage

Myda Tahir shares ten lessons gained from ten years of married life. 'I don’t celebrate marriage anniversaries by parties or hip-hop; but I do celebrate by pondering over the lessons that I had learnt during that year and store them in my memory.' She writes.

10 parenting by umm ammarah

Parenting by Umm Ammarah (rtaf)

Uzma Awan derives important lessons from the parenting style of Umm Ammarah, a brave Sahabiyah who participated in many Ghazwat with the Prophet (sa).

8 beware prepare

New Mommies: Beware and Prepare!

Umm Isam shares handy tips for new mommies who may be overwhelmed with the responsibilities of their little one in addition to the daily tasks they already have to do.


13 crushing my spite

Crushing My Spite

An inspiring story of a girl who took professional help to curb her feelings of jealousy towards her colleague.

32 extra special

Of Celebrity Sheikhs and Fandoms

Alia Adil takes a thought provoking look at the way a good Islamic lecture takes a backseat over the appearance of the Shaykh delivering the lecture.

Several words such as Help and Assist in a ring

Want the Help of Angels?

To believe in Allah (swt) is not enough. What is more important is to remain upon that belief until the last day, until you breathe your last, writes Brother Wael Ibrahim.

Men's Perspective

16 football place in Islam

Football: Any Place in Islam?

Football is a popular sport even in the Muslim world. What etiquette can we derive from the Islamic teachings regarding football - as a player and as a fan? Hajji Murat Radjabov takes a detailed look.

15 yell at wife

Do You Yell at your Wife?

Do you yell at your spouse for the slightest mistakes? Mufti Ismail Menk shares important reminders for the Muslim husbands on treating their wives well.

19 did you know

Tips for Productive Mornings

Prophet Muhammad (sa) informed us that his Ummah is blessed in the early morning. If you are one of those who sleep in late, here are some tips to make productive use of morning time and gain Barakah in your tasks.