Cover Story

16 prophet's way of listening

The Prophet’s (sa) Way of Listening

With all the tasks he had to do, what was the style of listening of the Prophet (sa)? Alia Adil shares inspiring examples from his life.

14 developing-listening-skills-180x206 in kids

Developing Effective Listening Skills in Children

Ruhaifa Adil shares handy tips for parents who want to develop effective listening skills in their children.

12 we hear and we obey

Samayna Wa Atayna (We Hear and We Obey)

What does it mean to hear and obey? Anoshia Riaz and Umm Isam take a look.


Listening from the Heart

How do we listen when people are speaking? Umm Zahra encourages us to be good listeners in this cover story.



The Quran at Fajr

Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan encourages us to make Fajr an institution in our life.


28 parenting

Do the Youth Have a Choice?

As Muslim youth, do you let your children have a say in their life's choices? Salman Asif Siddiqui shares some handy tips in this informative article addressed to Muslim parents.

26 finding a spouse

Why do we Encounter Difficulty in Finding a Spouse?

Mufti Ismail Menk explains why the problems we are facing in our children's marriages are created mainly by us and how we can resolve them.

25 top five

Teach Your Child about the Bad Touch

Are you confused about what you should teach your children when it comes to good and bad touch? Umm Isam shares five handy tips.


32 extra special

Malcom X Proceeds for Hajj

Raziuddin Syed shares an excerpt on Malcolm X's Hajj.

31 don't be sad

Don’t be Sad

Why should Muslims shun sadness and embrace happiness? Here is a brief but enlightening article encouraging you to always see the silver lining,

Men's Perspective

40 it all began as a joke

It all Began as a Joke

What happens when you are trying to meet a deadline and your computer will not cooperate? Here is a light-hearted short story.


Love and Marriage in Society Nowadays

Shaykh Yasir Qadhi answers some pertinent questions related to love and marriage in the Muslim society these days.

37 who is caring for your child

Who is Caring for Your Child?

As a Muslim father, what steps are you taking to ensure that your children's mother is able to discharge her parenting duties with ease? Or do you keep her so occupied that the children are at other's mercy? Here is an eye-opening article.


Coconut isolated on white background.

Home Remedies for Heatstroke

Want to find out some home remedies to beat heatstroke this summer? Here are some tips.