Cover Story

Problems that Arise in the Absence of a Will

Anoshia Riaz takes an indepth look at the problems that arise in the absence of a will.

Have You Written Your Will Yet?

Uzma Awan shares the importance, reasons, and conditions for an Islamic will.

The Wills of the Sahabah

Uzma Awan shares some of the instructions of the Sahabah that they gave as their will.



How to Fill Your Spiritual Void

Do you feel your prayers and Quran are becoming heavy on you? Is there a spiritual void widening inside you? Here is a reminder from Ustadh Noman Ali Khan to tackle with it.

Elderly Parents

[Family Matters] Honouring Parents by Wael Ibrahim

As Muslims we have no option to disgrace or dishonour our parents. Brother Wael Ibrahim shares the consequences of this major sin.



Are the new couple in double the trouble?

"Walking into the holy matrimony at the age of nineteen, I had my fair share of doubts and misunderstandings." Kulsoom Hussain shares tips for the newly weds.

27 win win agreements

Creating Win-win Agreements with our Children

Umm Zahra explains what 'win-win' means in Islamic parenting and Tarbiyah and shares handy tips for parents.


fun while fasting

Ramadan Crafts and Fun!

Ruhaifa Adil shares some creative craft ideas to keep your children occupied this Ramadan and teach them about this sacred month also.

32 extra special

The Dream Dua Formula: Change the Way You Make Dua

Hira Mateen invites us to reflect on the way we make Dua to Allah and shares tips on enriching our supplications further.

Men's Perspective


Shaikh Hussain Yee’s Words of Wisdom

How does a Muslim fulfill his roles as a believer, a father, a husband, a teacher and a servant of the community? Rana Rais Khan shares words of wisdom from Shaikh Hussain Yee, adapted from a talk held at Fajr Academy.

19 did you know

Weekends with Daddy

Umm Isam shares top five ways for daddies to spend quality time with their little ones.

19 did you know

Yes to Honesty!

When selling an asset, how upfront are we about its faults? Do we cover up the shortcomings to obtain a higher price? An inspiring story invites us to reflect and adopt honesty in our dealings with others.


44 iou interview

Islamic Online University

Mariam Zahid takes an indepth look at the working, aims, and vision of Islamic Online University, founded by Dr. Bilal Philips.

46 recipe

[Recipe] Nan Paratha

Culinary expert Naheed Ansari shares a delicious recipe