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Finding Our Way To Jannah

What were some of the important character traits of those who were promised Jannah? Uzma Awan takes a look.


Preserve Your Iman in Dunya

Binte Arif shares top tips on preserving and maintaining one's faith in this world in the face of temptations and desires for immediate gratification.


The Mirage of More

In the light of a short story, Mariam Zahid shares how this world and its life is no more than a mirage and the real life is waiting for us in the hereafter.


A Rich Muslim’s Dunya

How can wealthy Muslims use this Dunya to benefit their hereafter? Anoshia Riaz takes an indepth look.

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Dunya Versus Akhirah – Who’s the Winner?

In this inspiring article, Umm Salih takes a look at the different contrasting natures of this world and the hereafter and invites us to reflect over who we are really aiming for.



Be The Muslim Money Master

Is it wrong for wish for or ask Allah for wealth? What was the Sahabah's attitude when it came to money? Muhammad Alshareef presents an insightful and enlightening analysis.



A Chapter of My Life with My Brother

Haadia shares a painful life experience from which the readers can derive many useful lessons.

love myself

Should I Love Myself?

In trying to keep up with your never-ending list of responsibilities, are you forgetting to take care of yourself? Umm Isam shares an important reminder.



Inculcating the Akhirah Attitude in Children

How do we make our children strive towards a better hereafter? Mariam Saeed shares some important tips for Muslim parents.

26 lessons in love

A Stew of Assumptions

How often do we take things at face value and ignore the underlying causes of behaviour? Umm Salih shares the story of a girl and the stew of assumptions she brews about her mother-in-law?

25 top five

Ways to Perform Acts of Ibadah at Work

Saima Faisal shares top five tips for the working Muslimah.

Men's Perspective


Ways to Encourage Your Child’s Religious Studies

Klaudia Khan shares top tips for Muslim parents on encouraging religious studies among their little ones.


How Our Habits Construct Our Fate

Zulfia Hayrutdinova offers useful advice on inculcating good habits and making them part of our Islamic lifestyle.


My Dad – My ATM

Fathers have become ATM machines for their children. The kids approach their dads when they are in need of finances or logistic support, writes Salman Asif Siddiqui (Director ERDC)



Where is Usama (rtam)?

Given today’s wondrous technology, opportunities, exposure to the world, and efforts in education, why don’t we see any Usama bin Zaid (rtam) amongst us, asks Rana Rais Khan.