Cover Story

Muslim youth

Muslim Youth: Active, Aware, and Able

Asma Imran surveys contemporary Muslim youth to find out their views on bringing about positive social change. The world doesn't need to change the youth, she writes. The youth will change the world, Insha'Allah.

face it or fake it

Face it or Fake it

Should we accept the way Allah has created us or keep trying to change it in the name of beauty? Umm Amal takes an insightful look.

harnessing your element

Harnessing Your Element

Does everyone have to be a doctor or engineer? In the light of Ken Robinson's theories, Laila Brence encourages the youth to find their element and do what they really want to do.

Ashab e Kahf

The Ashab-e-Kahf For Today’s Youth

Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan derives benefits and lessons for the modern Muslim youth from the story of the People of the Cave (as detailed in Surah Al-Kahf)


lessons in love

Lessons in Love from Umm Atikah Bint Zaid (rtaf)

Uzma Awan shares beautiful lessons in love from the life of Umm Atikah bint Zaid.

teaching my child

At What Age do I Teach my Child?

“My son is two-and-a-half years old. When do I begin to teach him Arabic grammar, Quran, Tajweed, and memorization?” Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan gives a beautiful reply to this concerned parent.


friends in Islam

Friends in Islam – A Powerful Reminder

What does Islam teach us about friends? Mufti Ismail Menk gives some practical reminders on who we should befriend if we want to nourish our faith.

Men's Perspective

best husband

The Best Husband; A Complete Believer

What does it mean to be the best husband? Ahmad Faraz Khan gives top tips to husbands for quality marital life.

successful life

A Successful Life?

Does owning a gold-crafted cell phone mean you have a successful life? Leyla Natalia Bahadori takes an insightful look.



Build Your Memory, Enhance Your Capacity

In the light of scientific evidence about the human brain, Zawjah Ali gives tips on Quran memorization.

flax seeds

Natural Cough Relievers

Naba Basar shares some handy home remedies for cough and sore throat.