Cover Story




Mom's Little Helper

Syeda Khunsa Batool's heart warming short story on parenting her only son.


Post-Ramadan Resolutions to Make This Year

Feeling a dip in faith after Ramadan? Ruhaifa Samir details five post Ramadan resolutions to implement for a faith-filled year.



Must-See in Madinah

If you wish to be dazzled by the history of Islam and live it, this is the place to be. Rana Rais Khan reviews the Madinah Museum.


Handy Tips to Perform Umrah with Children

Want to perform Umrah as a family with small children? Sadaf A. Omar has some handy tips for you.

Men's Perspective

how much do you love Allah

How Much Do You Love Allah (swt)?

Out of your love for your families, are you forgetting that you need to love Allah (swt) first? Shaykh Tawfique Chowdhury shares an important reminder for all Muslim Ameers of the family.

real parents, real heroes

Real Parents, Real Heroes

Are you your child's hero? Shaykh Tawfique Chowdhury invites Muslim parents to reflect on their parenting and be true leaders and role models for their young ones.

grow in imaan at work

Grow in Iman at Work

Abu Abdullah outlines top five ways to stay connected with your faith at your workplace.



Handy Kitchen Remedies

Find out some of the top remedies for common ailments that are right in your kitchen.


An Interview with the Ameer of NAK comprises a group of volunteers who are collecting Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan’s lectures on one website solely for the purpose of pleasing Allah (swt). Hiba got in touch with their Ameer to learn more about them and their work.