Cover story

4 planning ahead to save time

Planning Ahead to Save Time

"I planned everything so I wouldn't be late - still I didn't reach on time." Find out how to correctly estimate the time needed to be "on time" and planning accordingly.

3 why arrive on time

But Why Arrive on Time?

When almost everyone else is arriving late, why shouldn't we? Umm Amal shares why it helps to arrive on time.

2 important or urgent

Important or Urgent – The Forked Road

Should I finish my report first or take care of my emails at the office? Should I attend to my sick mother-in-law or go to my child’s parent-teacher meeting? Umm Zahra shares important guidelines on distinguishing between important tasks and urgent tasks.

1 meaningful life

A Meaningful Life – Is it Really an Option?

What makes a life meaningful? In the light of a Timelenders course, Umm Zahra takes a look at the four key elements required to lead a purposeful life.


6 build a home in jannah

Acquire Taqwa, Build a Home in Jannah

Brother Wael Ibrahim takes a look at some of the actions which will help us acquire Allah-consciousness and ultimately enable us to have a house in Jannah.

5 Surah Hujurat in our lives

Surah Al-Hujurat in Our Lives (Final Part)

In the final part of this popular series, Sister Eman Al Obaid gives an overview of Surah Al-Hujurat and discusses the ways it applies to our daily lives.


9 teens relationship with Allah

Handling my Teen's Relationship with Allah (swt)

A must-read for all parents of teenagers - this is one of the runner-up stories in the 3rd annual short story writing competition organized by Hiba Magazine.

7 boost Iman

Top Five Ways to Boost Your Iman

Are you going through a phase of low Iman? Anoshia Riaz discusses five handy ways in which you can give your Iman a much-needed boost.

8 lessons in love

Lessons in Love from Khadijah bint Khuwaylid (rtaf)

Klaudia Khan draws inspiring lessons and solutions for Muslim couples from the life of Khadijah bint Khuwaylid (rta) and her marriage with the Prophet (sa).


11 lead by faith

Lead by Faith

In this thought-provoking article, Ayesha Nasir discusses the impact of various institutions which need to encourage the youth to be the leaders of the Ummah.

10 escapist version of reality

[Winning Story] An Escapist’s Version of Reality

An inspiring story by Umm Essa which won the 3rd annual short story writing competition organized by Hiba Magazine

Men's Perspective

13 boys adrift

Boys Adrift

How do we react when our sons tell us they don't have fun at school? Is this a phase or a more serious issue with our educational system? Umm Abdullah reviews Boys Adrift by Dr. Leonard Sax.

12 manhood

What Constitutes Manhood?

What constitutes a man? Is it the mustache or the beard? Majid ibn Abdur-Rahman takes a look at the REAL definition of manhood as applicable to the Muslim men today.

11a furqan jabbar interview

A Heart-to-Heart with Shaykh Furqan Jabbar

Hiba Magazine's exclusive interview with Shaykh Furqan Jabbar, contributor to Mercy Mission Australia in the Guardians’ Quran project.


14 sanity

Save Your Sanity This Summer

Do you hear children moaning and groaning about how bored they are during the summer vacations? Ruhaifa Adil presents fifty handy and fun activities that will keep them occupied.