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Well-Fed or Welfare?

Soft drinks, chicken nuggets, potato chips, and chocolates: These are only some of the industries which compromise welfare over well-fed, writes Mona Hydari.

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Busting Some Common Food Myths

Eight glasses of water a day, eggs causing heart diseases, green tea helping with weight loss - these are some of the common myths related to food consumption. Erum Jhumra analyzes the extent to which they are actually true.

manna salwa

Manna Salwa – Simple Choices vs Variety Gourmet

Rana Rais Khan speaks to the moms to find out their role in the choice of meals prepared for the family, convincing their family to adopt healthy eating habits, and whether fasting can guard against gluttony.

food and faith

Food: My Fuel for Faith

Tasneem Vali takes an insightful look at the way the food we eat influences our faith. She also lists some Shifa foods as mentioned in the Quran and Sunnah.

processed food

Processed Food: Fad or Fitnah?

Is all processed food bad for health? Klaudia Khan looks at the different types of processes that foods go through, and analyzes how healthy or otherwise they are for us.


love for food

Love For Food

What is the stance of Shariah on food? What was the attitude of the prophets, the last Messenger (sa), and the Companions regarding food? Shaykh Tawfique Chowdhury takes an in-depth look in the light of various authentically documented incidents.

hujurat 9

Surah Al-Hujurat in our Lives - Part 9

In the ninth part of this inspiring and knowledge-filled series, Eman Al Obaid takes a look at the application of Surah Al-Hujurat in our daily lives.


vision for marriage

Keeping the End in Mind

As a married individual, what vision do you have for your marriage? And are your actions well in accordance with your vision? Umm Zahra takes a look at keeping the end in mind, and acting accordingly for a successful married life.

nikah sermon

Lessons for Parents in the Nikah Sermon

Umm Salih reflects over the parenting lessons that couples are taught in the Nikah sermon only - encompassing Taqwa, humility, faith, effective communication, and Barakah.

losing weight

Losing it the Healthy Way

Naseha Mushtaq shares top five tips as part of her structured plan on how to lose weight without losing 'health' and 'sanity' on the way.


empowering masajid

Empowering our Masajid

Omer Mateen Allahwala reflects over the pivotal role that the Masajid have played in the history of Islam, and how they need to adopt a more empowering role in contemporary times.

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Go with the Flow

The juggling act people usually face between work and family is very tedious and difficult to manage successfully. How do you plan ahead to avoid the obvious pitfalls and anticipate unexpected twists? Tasneem Vali's solution is to "go with the flow"

Men's Perspective

truly strong

Who is Truly Strong?

Who is the strong one today, according to the standards of society? Is it someone who has power, money, and beauty? Irada Mirzamagomedova takes an insightful look.

luqman's advice to his son

Words of the Wise - Luqman’s Advice to His Son

Luqman, the wise, is known in history for his understanding, knowledge, and eloquence. For the benefit of parents today, Umm Amal takes an in-depth look at the invaluable advice he gave his son as described in Surah Luqman.

chip off the old block

A Chip off the Old Block

Parents generally assume that children will learn table manners by observation - but is this the correct notion? Umm Zahra takes a look at how the Prophet (sa) taught dining etiquette to his Companions.


grocery shopping

Healthy Grocery Shopping – The Key to Healthy Living

The grocery store is an adult’s entertainment resort, similar to what Disneyland is for a child. You have before you a warehouse full of food, a big trolley, and plastic money to swipe. How can you ensure that you buy only what is healthy? Uzma Awan shares some handy tips.

lunch box ideas

Lunch Box Ideas for Busy Moms

Do your children seem disinterested in their lunch box menus? How can you make their lunch box meals healthy without resorting to chicken nuggets and chocolate muffins daily? Anoshia Riaz presents some lunch box ideas for moms.