Cover Story


Inspirational Real Life Marriage Stories

Iqra Asad shares some true and inspiring love stories from the life of the Prophet (sa), his companions, and our pious predecessors.


Marriage: A Transit Towards Happily Ever After

In order to live a pleasant and successful married life, we have to set right our perspective: happily ever after is only in the hereafter and marriage is just a transit towards it, writes Umm Salih.


“Libas” – Yours and Mine

This inspiring short story from Umm Zahra takes a look at the concept of spouses being a garment for each other, and what it really means for a wife in difficult situations.


Partner in Paradise

Umm Ibrahim outlines eight practical steps to take once you receive a proposal for yourself or for someone in your family who is under your guardianship.



From Rags to Riches

Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan shares the inspiring story of Prophet Musa (as) as related in the Quran.


Surah Al-Hujurat in Our Lives (Part 8)

In Part 8 of the continuing series, Sister Eman Al Obaid of Al Huda Sisters takes a look at the many life lessons contained in Surah Al-Hujurat.



A Letter from Dr. Farhat Hashmi to Mothers

Dr. Farhat Hashmi gives practical advice to those mothers whose teenaged or adult children have fallen into major sins, like homosexuality.


Intimacy After Engagement

Sadaf Farooqi urges parents to not delay their wards’ Nikah once they have found the person to marry them off to, and to not give more importance to the nitty-gritty of elaborate wedding functions over their child’s Akhirah.


Sacrifice – Leaving Something at the Cost of Another

What does sacrifice truly mean? Zahra Anjum takes a look at how we can imbibe the spirit of sacrifice in our daily lives.



Sunnah Living is Healthy Living

Dr. Shagufta Feroz takes a look at Sunnah guidelines that urge one to adopt a healthy lifestyle.


My Untold Story

Ayesha Khawaja narrates a heart-wrenching tale about her fight with breast cancer, and the way it affected herself and her family.

Men's Perspective


O Ameer! Lead Your Family!

Allah (swt) says that men are the Qawwam of women. What does Qayyam mean, and what does it say about men's role as the Ameer of their families? Abu Abdullah takes a look.


Five Moments to say ‘I Love You’ to Your Wife

What are the top five key moments in which a husband should express his unconditional love to his wife? Umm Amal takes a thought provoking look.



My Deen is Green – Final Part

Living green is part of our Deen. Klaudia Khan presents a few tips on how to make your lifestyle more eco-friendly.