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disagreement before Prophet (sa)

When They Disagreed Before the Prophet (sa)

The Companions were men of high faith. They dedicated their lives, honour, assets, and every single blessing from Allah (swt) in his way and yet they disagreed. Rana Rais Khan takes a look at how the Prophet (sa) handled their disagreements.

win win solution

Reaching a Win-Win Solution

In our daily interactions with our parents, spouses, children, neighbours or in-laws, we do encounter situations, in which we do not agree with another person. How do you deal with these differences to reach a win-win solution? Umm Ibrahim presents a practical approach.


Bridging Differences: The Art of Creating Agreements

Ariba Dara takes a comprehensive look at some common mistakes people make in conflict-ridden situations and at the different ways one can bridge differences by using a structured sequence of “Conflict Resolution Skills”.

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Tackling Emotions in Settling Differences

Umm Amal shares handy tips on tackling emotions in settling differences and resolving conflicts


Halal Earnings

Seeking Lawful Livelihood - A Religious Obligation

In this comprehensive article, Mufti Taqi Usmani sheds light on the importance of earning Halal livelihood and some of the ways in which people end up polluting their Halal earnings.

Surah Al-Hujurat in Our Lives

Surah Al-Hujurat in Our Lives (Part 6)

In the sixth part of this popular series, Eman Al Obaid explains the different shades of meanings in the eleventh verse of Surah Al-Hujurat and how it relates to our daily lives.


language for kids

Language That Can Either Build or Break Your Child

With the right intentions, we generally opt for the wrong language and bad timing. As parents, we have to learn to handle our children with dignity and acknowledge their feelings, writes Umm Isam.

advice for newly weds

Don’t Give up Too Soon - Advice for Newly Weds

It has been a month since her marriage. Honeymoon seems like ages ago. The excitement and fervour of starting a new life have vanished. What went wrong? Through this lovely short story, Uzma Awan gives some practical advice to newly weds.

tit for tat

Staying away from Tit-for-Tat

Every one of us, at some point in life, may encounter enemies in the form of envious colleagues, disagreeable supervisors or unreasonable in-law relations. What is the most appropriate way of dealing with such people according to our Deen? Zahra Anjum takes a look.


deen is green

Our Deen is Green: Green Eating

In the first part of Our Deen is Green series, Klaudia Khan presents practical tips on being environmental friendly in our meals.

glass half full

Seeing the Glass Half Full

And finally... we present the first winning story of A Life-Changing Experience, a short story writing competition organized by Hiba Magazine in 2013.


Do you Observe Workplace Ethics?

Take this short quiz and self-analyze how well you follow workplace ethics.

Men's Perspective

Workplace spirituality

Reinforcing Spirituality in the Workplace

Mariam Saeed probes into the ideal virtues of a Muslim employer and employee, and realizes that relationships at the workplace can be very gratifying in terms of Ibadah. Find out how, in this enlightening article.

Orange Rinds

The Four Orange Rinds

Zia Paracha presents an awe-inspiring short story that highlights the importance of gratitude to Allah (Shukr) and how He blesses us even more if we are thankful for His favours.


Connecting with Children - Handy Tips for Dads

Abu Abdullah presents five handy tips for fathers that would, Insha'Allah, help them foster quality relationships with their children when they need them the most.



Ihsaas Trust - Working Towards Financial Empowerment

“Hiba” spoke to “Ihsaas Trust” – an organization that strives to financially empower the underprivileged by guiding them towards self-sufficiency.

Body has Right

“Your Body Has A Right Over You...”

We already know that everything bestowed upon us is a favour of Allah (swt), and we, as trustees, will be held accountable for it. That’s the reason why we have to give the body its due rights. How can we carry out this duty? Mariam Zahid takes a look.

hair fall solution

Natural Treatment for Hairfall

Sadia Behzad presents some handy tips and recipes for hair masks that one can use to prevent hair fall and ensure healthy hair.