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It's not Bad to be Sad

We often aim to escape from a phase of sadness, assuming that it’s not a ‘good’ or ‘normal’ state to be in. Have we wondered why we are feeling this way? Ariba Dara and Umm Isam analyze why it's not "bad" to be "sad."


A 9-year-old’s stress

It's not necessary for only adults to have problems. Kids have their own set of problems, which are very significant to them. Parents need to learn how to deal with them without judging, writes Umm Amal.


Surviving Under Pressure

Director ERDC, Mr. Salman Asif Siddiqui discusses three kinds of pressures that work upon children: academic pressure, parental pressure and peer pressure.


Fighting Stress with the “Four A’s Rule”

Umm Ahmad takes an insightful look at four practical techniques to beat stress in one's daily lives.


Loss – Punishment or Reward?

Is it possible to turn a negative situation into one that reaps numerous rewards? Rana Rais Khan takes an insightful look.



Abu Hamid Al-Ghazali

Syed Aslam presents a brief profile of Imam Abu Hamid al-Ghazali


Community Matters

Hiba presents an exclusive transcription of "Community Matters", a lecture-shop organized by LiveDeen in 2013.


Surah Al-Hujurat in Our Lives (Part 5)

Sister Eman Al Obaid of Al Huda Sisters Dubai beautifully explains the lessons contained in Surah Al-Hujurat.



Infusing the Personality of the Prophet (sa) into Your Children

What are the different personality types? To which one did our beloved Prophet (sa) belong to? How can we ensure our children inculcate the same personality traits? Umm Ibrahim takes an indepth look.


What’s Wrong with These Men?

What happens when men, who are used to an active lifestyle, go on a vacation that requires them to "relax"? Umm Isam takes a thoughtful look.


Tackling Teenagehood

Raising teenagers is a herculean task. Find out how one mother, influenced by a letter written by Ali (rta) to his son, took inspiration and decided her five-point agenda to "tackle teenagehood."



Fiqh of Tawbah

Hiba presents an enlightening lecture by Brother Kashif Naseem Dilkusha, outlining the correct way to repent.


Implementing Sunnah in Today’s Classrooms (Final Part)

In the final part of this five-part series, Maulvi Jahangir Mahmud presents some more tips for teachers and educators, based on the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (sa).

Men's Perspective

Bashka Voda 3

Bashka Voda (Final Part)

In the final part of this three-part series, Suleman Ahmer recalls the final, heart-wrenching, emotional class he conducted at Bashka Voda.


When Stimulants Become Stressors…

After waking up in the morning, we try to freshen ourselves with a rejuvenating cup of tea or coffee and in some cases, light up a cigarette, too. Have we ever pondered over why we need such stimulants? Ariba Dara takes a look.


Heart-to-Heart on the Highway

Every morning, you can see children gaping at the passing landscape, as they travel to school. Zahra Anjum presents some tips to transform this routine interval into a healthy and productive period.



Sina – Health, Education and Welfare Trust

Hiba got in touch with Sina, a team of committed, educated and privileged experts who have chosen to reach out to the slums of Karachi to offer relief.

Simple Living

How to Achieve Simple Living

Being a minimalist in today's world where consumerism is rampant is no easy task - but it doable, with a little effort. Karrie Bhurgari presents handy tips for simple living.


Class of Today - Parliament of Tomorrow

It is believed that schools and classrooms are places where our children learn all their subject related skills. However, educationists now see that the role of a school extends beyond just scholastic development, writes Imrana Moiz.