Cover Story


Quest and Conquest

Transcription of Br. Adnan Rashid's enriching talk at "Rise with Faith", a full-day event organized by LiveDeen.

faith of friend

On the Faith of my Friend (Part 2)

Maria Haqqani narrates two more inspiring stories of individuals led back to the path of the Deen by their friends.


“What you Think of me is None of my Business”

Self-help guru Wayne Dyer said something very profound recently: “What you think of me is none of my business.” Islam taught us this way back, writes Kulsoom Omar, as she outlines an action plan to beat negative peer pressure,


Friends Mentioned in the Quran

It is imperative to watch our steps, before we stride on the road to lifelong camaraderie. “Hiba” guides its readers regarding the kinds of people one should befriend, as mentioned in the Quran.


Friendship with non-Muslims

Muslims were averse only to disbelief, not to the disbelievers, writes Abu Abdullah. So what kind of relationships can Muslims have with non-Muslims?


Editorial - The Prophet's Concept of Companionship

Friendships endure trials only if they have been formed for the sake of Allah (swt), writes Rana Rais Khan in her editorial.



The Best Deal!

If kids get good grades and eventually obtain a lucrative job, parents think they have achieved success. However, is the future really secured? Is it the ultimate success or even the key to it? Huma Najmul-Hasan takes a critical look.


Surah Hujurat in our Lives (Part 2)

Sister Eman Al-Obaid of Al-Huda Sisters, Dubai, presents an in-depth analysis of Surah Al-Hujurat and the way it applies in our daily living.


Jabir ibn Hayyan – The Renowned Muslim Chemist

Syed Aslam takes a look at the life and works of Jabir Ibn Hayyan, the renowned Muslim Chemist.



An Eternal Love Story

Sheikh Omar Suleiman narrates a beautiful love story of the Prophet's companion, Abu Darda and his wife, Umm Darda (may Allah be pleased with them both).


Is my Spouse my Best Friend Forever (BFF)?

Life after marriage can be either a constant tug of war or your spouse can become your best friend forever. Achieving the latter is the key to a healthy, happy and hearty family. Here’s how you can unlock the door to eternal bliss.


Cultivating Friendship with your Spouse

Friendship in marriage must be developed and nurtured. Atefa Jamal presents top five “tried and tested” reminders of how to cultivate your relationship with your best friend - your spouse.


Cradle to Grave – Consumer Kids

Marketers are reaching out to the embryo in the mother’s womb to hook it up for lifetime. What are the tactics that they use to lure their young customers and of which parents need to be beware? Rana Rais Khan takes a look.



A Woman of Substance (A True Story)

Our second winning story from "She's an Inspiration" story-writing competition, detailing the life of Nazeeran Begum, a lady who withstood the odds to become self-sufficient and help others too. Penned beautifully by Fatimah Mazhar.


Implementing Sunnah in Today’s Classrooms

Maulvi Jahangir Mahmud presents handy tips from the Sunnah that the educators of today can implement in their classrooms.

Jul 10 - The Prophet's saw concern for taharah

Down but not out!

Inspiring stories from the Islamic history, compiled by Abdul-Malik Mujahid, in the best-selling Golden series published by Darussalam.

Men's Perspective


Kamila: She Dared Where Many Men Hesitated (Part 3)

Excerpt from Suleman Ahmer's best-selling book "The Embattled Innocence".


Walking the Talk

How important it is for parents to walk the talk? Shaykh Yasir Qadhi warns parents to refrain from talking the talk and instead, teach by example.


Deal with the Hearts

An excerpt from Dr. Muhammad Abd Al-Rahman Al-Arifi's best-selling "Enjoy your Life" published by Darussalam.



Fitrah - Revert Support Programme

Hiba Magazine covers Fitrah, a revert support programme, running under the banner of alwasila Trust. Find out more about the commendable work they are doing.


Youth Club – Inspiring Positive Change

Raja Zia, Ameer of Youth Club, speaks to “Hiba” about this unique platform, enabling the youth to utilize their time, skills and energies in a positive direction.


The Healing Power of Honey

Did you know honey has the power to cure (by Allah's permission) such ailments as burns, anemia and conjunctivitis? Find out more in our "home notes" segment.