Valentine’s Day – A Muslim’s Response

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Vol 2 -Issue 4 Its Valentine's DayCome February and there is an onslaught of “red” from here, there and everywhere. Companies bring out “Valentine’s Day offers” one after another in order to exploit the vulnerable consumers into believing that when it comes to love, anything (read, any expense) is literally no expense.

Valentine’s Day, which is usually regarded as “an annual event to express love” is extremely popular in Pakistan, especially among the youth, thanks to the print and the electronic media and the myriad of online and billboard advertising. Many people blindly celebrate this day, without realizing its negative social and cultural implications. Those who know the pagan roots of this festival along with the fact that the only thing to be gained from it is commercial in nature, have a responsibility to inform others and play their role to promote good in the society.

For this reason, the Facebook page Remove Immodesty from Media has started an online awareness campaign “Valentine’s Day: A Muslims response

This campaign aims to serve the cause in following ways:

  1. Reaching maximum number of people and promoting the viewpoint of Islam on such celebrations by sharing Quranic references, hadiths and lecture videos related to the day.
  2. Serving as a platform of collaboration for all other religious or social groups and individuals working for the cause and helping them to promote their Dawah activities regarding this day through the event page, Insha’Allah.

Play your part in this awareness campaign

  • Are you organizing any lecture or a campaign raising awareness against Valentine’s Day? Post the details on the event page and let others know.
  • Do you have any interesting Powerpoint presentations made regarding Valentine’s Day? Share them on the event page.
  • Share graphics and presentations on your Facebook, Twitter, and other social media.
  • For some time, strictly avoid products of companies that are at the forefront of Valentine’s Day, like Cadbury.
  • Report all Facebook ads that promote Valentine’s Day offers.

It is hoped, by the mercy of Allah (swt), that these efforts will bring about positive change in the mindset of the youth and the adults, and help restore a society based on the Islamic concepts of Haya and Iman. Ameen.

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