Tips for a Happy Marriage

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Shaikh Assim Al Hakeem

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When was the last time you sent your wife an SMS?

You say: “Why should I? She does not deserve this.”

No Ya Akhi! While you are in your office, what’s wrong in sending her an SMS saying: ‘I love you- I miss you!’?

You say: “Shaikh, this is inappropriate, me saying to my wife: I love you. Are you stupid?”

The Prophet (sa) used to say this. The Prophet (sa), whenever Aisha (ra) used to drink from a glass of milk, he would take it and look where she put her lips and drink from it.

Nowadays, the husband says: ‘Honey, bring me a spoon so that I can eat with it.’

She says: ‘Take my spoon.’

‘Are you crazy? Wash it seven times with water, and once with soil, and then bring it over.’

What kind of husband is this? Ya Akhi! She is your wife.

The Prophet (sa) used to see the meat where she took a bite from and he would put his mouth on it. This is the love we want. So, send her an SMS, when you coming from work Ya Akhi! Buy her a rose, seven riyals for a rose; or buy her a dress.

And, when you see your husband coming out of the shower- (and most men do this huh?) They stand in front of the mirror, and do muscle stretching, and say: ‘Honey, how do I look? She breaks into laughter for half an hour, what’s wrong? She laughs for half an hour. On the contrary, when he says like this, she should say: ‘Masha’Allah, I wonder whether your biceps are bigger or Arnold Schwarzenegger’s, wow! You look beautiful my love, my hubby. You should say this, this increases love. Same thing happens with us. When the Mrs. dresses up, and going to a wedding or a party, she says: ‘How do I look?  You say: ‘Is this your daughter’s dress? She says: No, why? It’s too tight I can see all the fat coming out of it. No! Not good on you. Ya Akhi! This is wrong! You lie to make the love ignited.

So, when you see this, say: ‘Wallahi, I don’t know who is making who beautiful?

Wallahi, you are making this dress so beautiful.

You are making this dress beautiful; it’s not the other way around.

You are the charming one who is making the dress beautiful. While, she would blush and say: ‘You are lying…’ and you say: ‘Yeah Yeah!’ (nodding in affirmation).

You should not, you should not!

You should try your level best to have this love increase. It takes a lot of diplomacy; it is not something difficult, it’s an Art! And, you have to know your shortcomings; and you know how to do this, Insha’Allah Allah (swt) will make things better.

Transcribed by Hira Naqi

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