Friends Forever

Noorjehan Arif observes: "Making good friends is also a craft, partly learnable and partly a gift of Allah."

Months & More

Months and More

Sabahat Anwar discusses the significance of the 11th,12th, and 1st months of the Islamic calendar.

Prophet's Hajj

The Prophet’s (sa) Hajj

Rana Rais Khan peaks into the past and finds out, how our beloved Prophet Muhammad (sa) carried out his rituals during the Hajj

Beautiful names

Beautiful Names

"The most beautiful names belong to Allah: so call on Him by them." (Al-Araf 7:180). Shaikh Muhammad Salih al-Munajjid lends meaning to your Tasbeehat and Dhikr.


Sultan Mahmood Ghaznavi

Amena Shahrukh Lali recounts the dynamic life of a great Muslim conqueror who opened many lands and brought Islam to their people

ties with non-Muslims

Ties With Non-Muslims

Rana Rais Khan re-evaluates ties with non-Muslims in the light of Quran and Sunnah for optimum benefits of the society



Allah (swt) Accepts Only Pure

Umm Saad states the connection between fulfilled prayers and righteous living

kids being good

Catching Kids Being Good

Farah Najam shares, "‘Catching being good’ is the easiest and the most effective management technique for teachers."


Tie your Camel: Do Your Part

Affaf Jamal forewarns that sickness is no stranger to Hajj pilgrims. Therefore, it is best to prepare yourself beforehand.


Travel Uzbekistan

Feel the magic of Uzbekistan with Farah Najam



Learning Through Play!

Farah Najam gives some tips on children's toys, preschool selection and early learning ... a package to help you and your child at school or at home


Perk up your Home

Noorjehan Arif gives tips on low budget makeovers for your home

Vol 1-Issue 2   Islamic Finance

Murabaha: An Islamic Sale

Sumaira Dada discusses how a Murabaha is conducted and objections that have been raised against it

Word Wise

"Word Wise"

Do you keep the promises you make to your children? Atefa Jamal presents convincing reasons, suggesting that you definitely should.



Hypocrites Will Be Hit Hard!

Nayyara Rahman observes, as per Quran, hypocrites will be in the lowest pit of hell. How seriously do we take this admonition?

Musab ibn Umayr

The First Ambassador of the Prophet (sa)

Rym Aoudia tells us of a companion who sold the pleasures of the world, and bought what Allah had to offer.