Improving the Teaching of Islamiat

Speaking from a student's perspective, Hafsa Ahsan humbly offers the teachers of Islamiat practical suggestions for improving the quality of lectures

healthy lifestyle

Food for Thought

Misplaced discipline in our eating lifestyles must be harnessed to discover the true joys of health and harmony, writes Dr. Sarah Shahab

Sunnah foods

Blessed Food

Naba Basar shows how Allah has preserved blessings even in the food we eat, if only we acknowledge it and take benefit from it


Dazzling Dubai

In 2002, 4.8 million visitors checked in to Dubai's hotels. Tourism accounted for almost 18% of GDP of the country. Farah Najam explains why.



Good Pickings

Can women find any good in their mothers-in-law, asks Uzma Rizvi


Blessed Repentance - A True Story

Nayyara Rahman tells the true story of a girl who rebuilt her life

Months & More

Months and More

Sabahat Anwar discusses the significance of 8th-10th months of the Islamic calendar


Divorce Boom In Asia

According to a marriage councilor, "Because of globalization, couples in Asian cities are more like American couples nowadays" reports Rana Rais Khan

our role model

The Prophet (sa) as a Husband

Umm Saad observes some qualities of the Prophet’s (saw) excellent character that showed up in his marital life. Let us look at them one by one.

Beautiful names

Beautiful Names

"The most beautiful names belong to Allah: so call on Him by them..." (Al-Araf 7:180). Umm Saad lends meaning to your Tasbeehat and Dhikr.

Ibn Battuta

Ibn Battuta

Rym Aoudia, brings to us the life of the brave Muslim traveler, who visited of what corresponds to 44 countries in our times

ready to tie

Ready to Tie the Knot?

Placing value in marriage through premarital counseling in the light of the Quran and the Sunnah


Ramadan - A Time to Improve and Sustain Yourself

"Believers should strive for four things: fasting, Quran, worship, and righteous deeds. These are the most obvious gifts of Ramadan." Abdul Azeez Qari invites all Muslims to make the most of the blessings of Ramadan.


eid party

Throwing an Eid Party

Do you wish to make a special Eid for your kids? Uzma Rizvi shares some excellent ideas!

Vol 1-Issue 2   Islamic Finance

Musharakah: Sharing Profits and Losses

Sumaira Dada highlights the key rules laid down by the Islamic scholars for the formation of a Musharakah business


Secrets to Success in School

Farah Najam shows that families that work together succeed together


Ramadan Awesome

Ramadan – An Awesome Time!

Khalfan bin Mohammed stresses that fasting is not a time of suffering, as many people think. It is just the opposite.


Nusaybah bint Kab (rta)

Naba Basar presents highlights from the heroic life of Nusaybah bint Kab (rta)

fun while fasting

Fun While Fasting

Is it possible for fun and fasting to go together? Of course! Here are some ideas for kids to enjoy this Ramadan and have fun while fasting!

face value

Face Value

Rana Rais Khan invites to reevaluate our attitudes towards the outward appearance and encourages us to search for the beauty within