Vol 6 - Issue 4 Ebb and Flow

Ebb and Flow

Naureen Aqueel discusses the highs and lows of Iman (faith).

Vol 6 - Issue 4 Companinons' love

Companions’ Love for the Quran

Sumaira Dada discovers the strength of the Companions’ relationship with the Quran and finds lessons for all of us.

Vol 6 - Issue 4 Everybody loves to..

Everybody loves to…

Are you the majority or the minority? Which side is headed towards Jannah? Rana Rais Khan explores whether or not majority is really the authority.

Vol 6 - Issue 4 Heroes of the Lahore zoo

Heroes of the Lahore Zoo

Hadia narrates a frightening experience in the Lahore Zoo.

Vol 6 - Issue 4 What's in a Word

What’s in a Word?

Tasneem Vali recommends some Quranic translations to read.

Vol 6 - Issue 4 A reminder for Ahl Al Quran

A Reminder for Ahl Al-Quran

Muslims involved in Quran education, Sunnah propagation and Dawah have a greater responsibility to act upon what they are preaching and to cleanse their hearts from diseases of the self (Nafs) and desires of this world, writes Sadaf Farooqi.

Vol 6 - Issue 4 Inviting Our Youth

Inviting Our Youth to the Quran

Want to start a Halaqah for the youth and connect them to the Quran? Kiran Ansari offers some handy tips.

Vol 6 - Issue 3 Our Obligations to the Quran

Our Obligations to the Quran

Dr. Israr Ahmed clearly define a Muslim's five obligations to the Quran.

Scientific Miracles of Quran

Scientific Miracles in the Quran

Hafsa Ahsan offers a selection of scientific evidences found in the Quran, which prove that science and religion can go hand-in-hand.


Vol 6 - Issue 4 Hpw to make less last longer

How to Make Less Last Longer

Sumaira Dada looks around to find out how some people make less last longer.

Vol 6 - Issue 4 The Hidden Message

The Hidden Message

Nida Fareed reflects upon the stars and the messages they contain for humankind.

Vol 6 - Issue 4 The message of kalima

The Message of Kalima-e-Tayyaba

Kalima is not a lip service only. It is a Jihad. It guides us to rise and to correct the society, and it explains to us that the truth one has discovered should be conveyed further.


Worthy Reads

From the many books published on the Quran, here are some of the leading ones.

Vol 6 - Issue 4 Unvited Teaching

Uninvited Teaching

An excerpt from John Holt’s Learning All the Time.

Vol 6 - Issue 4 Treating Influenza

Treating Influenza the Herbal Way

Amber Saleem discusses effective home and herbal remedies to treat flu.

Vol 6 - Issue 4 Caring for elbows and knees

Caring for Elbows and Knees

Umm Isam presents some tips on beauty and well-being.


Vol 6 - Issue 4 The perfect recipe

The Perfect Recipe

Hafsa Ahsan speaks to young wives and mothers to discover the surefire formula guaranteed to make a marriage successful.

Vol 6 - Issue 4 Quran journal

Quran Journal for Young Ones

Erum Asif outlines a wonderful way of keeping children closely connected to the Quran.

Vol 6 - Issue 4 Ali rta vs a jew

Ali (rta) vs. a Jew

A story which provides wonderful insight into the justice system during the reign of the Khulafa-e-Rashideen.



Dear Haadia

I want to have a family of my own now, but I don’t want to betray my future husband by having another guy in my mind the whole time. Everything seems distorted. Please help.

Vol 6 - Issue 4 Seven Habits

The 7 habits of highly effective teenagers! (Part 2)

Umm Isam discusses the concept of paradigms and self-images.

Vol 6 - Issue 4 Interview with Absar Kazmi

Interview with Absar Kazmi – An Illustrator by Profession

Hiba's first extensive interview with Absar Kazmi, the illustrator of Life with the Ahmad Family comic series.

Vol 6 - Issue 4 Connecting with the Quran

Connecting with the Quran

J. Samia Mair discusses her self-study programme towards fluent recitation of the Quran.