The “Fundamentals” of Entertainment – Book Reviews

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Laila Brence

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Title: The Islamic Ruling on Music and Singing

Author: Abu Bilal Mustafa Al-Kanadi

Publisher: Dar Abul-Qasim

Pages: 80

Availability: Da’wah Books, DHA, Karachi

Full book online:

Without doubt, music is one of the most controversial issues in Islam. The numerous Fatwahs on this matter only add to the confusion, as their rulings vary from allowing certain types of music to saying it is completely Haram. Abu Bilal Mustafa Al-Kanadi’s thorough research into the topic of music in Islam offers clear and well-grounded answers, based on authentic sources.

In examining the topic of music, the author analyzes the Quranic texts and commentaries, the Hadeeth literature and the consensus of the companions, Tabi’een, Imams and other Fuqaha. He then discusses the wisdom behind the prohibition of music by the Shariah and the exceptions to the rule of the prohibition, as indicated by authentic Sunnah. Lastly, he offers a synopsis of the discussed Shariah texts with conclusions drawn from them.

Although many present day Fatwahs exist on the topic of music, the book presents the rulings of the early scholars, which must certainly be taken into account by anyone concerned with this issue. If you are struggling to find the answers, this book is a definite must read.

Title: Having Fun the Halal Way

Author: Ismail Kamdar

Publisher: International Islamic Publishing House (IIPH)

Pages: 109

Availability: Da’wah Books, Khadda Market, DHA Phase 5, Karachi / IIPH Online Store (

The ever-increasing globalization and technological advancements have brought to us a multitude of entertainment, which were unavailable before. Many Muslims find themselves balancing on the border of Halal and Haram, lacking appropriate knowledge about the permissibility of certain forms of entertainment. In this book, author Ismail Kamdar provides well-researched Quran and Sunnah based information on the Islamic teachings regarding entertainment.

The seven chapters of the book discuss the following topics: basic principles of Fiqh, the Western and Islamic concepts of entertainment, prohibited and recommended forms of entertainment as well as technology related issues and some misunderstood concepts. In the appendix of the book, the author offers a list of certain avenues of Halal entertainment.

Whether you are a parent, uncertain of what to allow your children and what not to, or are at a loss yourself regarding the permissibility of certain entertainments, this book will offer you the answers you are looking for. Ismail Kamdar not only presents a detailed and balanced analysis of the topic and explains the detriments of the current entertainment industry, but also provides the reader with alternatives for enjoying the time with friends and family.

– By Laila Brence

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