Vol 6 - Issue 3 Hajj

Hajj: Exemptions and Misconceptions

It is important for Muslims to know all the aspects of Hajj, in order to ensure that it will be accepted by Allah (swt), once they do perform it, writes Sadaf Farooqi.

Vol 6 - Issue 3 Dying living for Allah

Dying and Living for Allah (swt)

Ayesha Nasir reviews an amazing book written by Khurram Murad.

Vol 6 - Issue 3 Dealing with Hyperactive

Dealing with Hyperactive Children

At the end of the day, if a teacher is really willing to work with these children and ensure that they graduate after having learnt something, he/she can definitely do wonders with his/her students.

Vol 6 - Issue 3 Eating Healthy

Eating Healthy

Overeating is strongly discouraged in both the Quran and the Sunnah. The Quran says: “…eat of the Tayyibat (good lawful things) wherewith We have provided you, and commit no transgression or oppression therein.” (Ta-Ha, 20:81)

Vol 6 - Issue 3 Stillbirth

Stillbirth: A Tragic Reality

Keeping a positive outlook and faith in Allah (swt) will give the family of the deceased child the necessary strength for going through the grieving process, writes Ruhie Jamshed.

Vol 6 - Issue 3 Eating Healthy

A Chicken Affair

Culinary expert Naheed Ansari gives us some delicious chicken recipes to jazz up our daily meals.


Vol 6 - Issue 3 Idea of Remarriage

What’s the Big Deal?

Noorjehan Arif explores the stigma attached to the idea of re-marriage of widows and widowers.

Vol 6 - Issue 3 A child's passing away

A Child’s Passing Away

Despite the pain of any tragedy, we must remember that other people are tested by even worse circumstances and situations. As hard as it may be, we need to practice Sabr and keep our faith in Allah (swt).

Vol 6 - Issue 3 Timely justice

Timely Justice

Adapted from “Sunehray Faislay” published by Darussalam. Translated by Rana Rais Khan.

Vol 6 - Issue 3 Making a business plan

Making a Business Plan

In the final article of the home business series, Noorjehan Arif explains the why and how of a business plan.


Vol 6 - Issue 3 As abba left

As Abba Left to Meet his Rabb (swt)

May Allah (swt) shower His Rahmah on our parents and forgive the Muslimeen, Ameen. Do remember Abba in your Duas.

Vol 6 - Issue 3 Seven Habits

Seven Habits of Highly Effective Teenagers – 1

For teenagers, life is no more a play ground. In fact, it’s a jungle out there. You might be familiar with some of the struggles faced today globally by the youth. Believe me - you are not alone.

Vol 6 - Issue 3 Interview with Javeria Elahi

Interview with Javeria Elahi – A Fashion Designer

Javeria Elahi is a young, Muhajjbah student of fashion design at one of the private universities in Karachi. “Hiba” got in touch with her to know more about how she intends to pursue her chosen career.

Vol 6 - Issue 3 Survivor's Guilt

Survivor’s Guilt

May you and your loved ones all live in Islam and die in faith, and may you all meet Allah (swt) with a sound heart. Ameen.


Dear Haadia

I have started adoring one of my friends (among boys). He has expressed his wish to marry me. We are both eighteen. Is it Haram to wish to marry someone?


Vol 6 - Issue 3 Significance of will

Significance of a Will

It is a duty of every Muslim to make a will, and it should not to be neglected because life and death has no guarantees, cautions Ayesha Ashraf Jangda.

Vol 6 - Issue 3 Exemplary lives

Exemplary Lives, Admirable Deaths

They were well-prepared, yet fearful. We are unprepared, yet relaxed!

Vol 6 - Issue 3 Passive reception

Passive Reception or Active Participation?

Zainub Razvi presents handy tips to ensure that we are not misled by the mass media, and that we refrain from the propagation of false or speculative news to others.

Vol 6 - Issue 3 Preparing for Death

Preparing for Death - What We Leave Behind

Allah’s Messenger (sa) said: “When a man dies, his good deeds come to an end, except three: ongoing charity, beneficial knowledge and righteous offspring, who will pray for him.” (Muslim)

Vol 6 - Issue 3 Dealing with pain

Dealing with Pain

What does it take to handle suffering and grief? Is there a special diet, some magic Mantra, laughter therapy or nerves of steel? Rana Rais Khan explores.

Vol 6 - Issue 3 Punishments of the grave

Punishments of the Grave

Iqra Asad presents a collection of hadiths describing the punishments of the grave and how to save oneself from them.

Vol 6 - Issue 3 Final Journey

The Final Journey

Naba Basar takes an in-depth look at the burial rites as explained in the Quran and Sunnah.


Etiquette of Visiting the Graveyard

Laila Brence and Naba Basar specify certain guidelines to which we should pay attention, when visiting the graveyard.

Vol 6 - Issue 3 Biddats

Biddats - Before, During and After Death

What are the innovated yet prevalent customs during funerals? Uzma Jawed takes a look.