The Delightful Ahmad Family – An Introduction!

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Absar Kazmi is a freelance content writer and illustrator. His key focus areas include business process documentation, user guide development, website content, editing & proofreading and Illustrating for children's books.

Hiba Magazine and hibakidz are delighted to introduce: The Ahmad Family!
Here is a brief introduction to the members of this family:

abu jamalAbu Jamal (Abdullah Ahmad)
Abu Jamal is the tall, easy going – sometimes comical – head of the Ahmed family household. He’s the owner of a sports equipment shop and is someone who always manages to lighten the mood, even in the most serious of situations.





umm jamalUmm Jamal (Fatima Aziz)

Umm Jamal is the wise, organized, practical and loving mother. She’s someone the other family members often turn to for advice. She loves educating and spending quality time with her family as well as looking after her neighbours.




jamalJamal Ahmad
Jamal is a whimsical and inquisitive 10-year-old boy, who loves his parents, friends and especially his baby sister. Sometimes his unpredictable nature gets him into trouble, but everyone knows Jamal means well. Jamal loves playing sports, especially Karate.





mariumMarium Ahmad
Marium is Jamal’s baby sister. She likes following him around when he’s at home and especially loves a good wrestle in the evening.
The Ahmad family lives in a small town with friends and neighbors of several different races, cultures, religions and nationalities.

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