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Apr 11- Isa (as) a vital piece of the puzzle

Isa (as) – A Vital Piece to the Puzzle

Rana Khan looks at the life and times of Prophet Isa (as).


Some Facts about Imam Mahdi

A brief introduction to Imam Mahdi!

Apr 11 - Mass Media

Symbolism in the Mass Media

Some revelations of imagery used in popular culture, however, do give one the creeps, write Hooruneen Sheikh and Binte Aqueel.

Apr 11 - Surat Al Kahf

Surat Al-Kahf (The Cave) – Why is it a Shield against Dajjal?

It is pivotal to understand that Surat Al-Kahf is not just a magical spell that will serve as a shield against the Antichrist. Rather, the comprehension of its underlying meaning and application of the suggested measures will save us from Dajjal, writes Umm Isam.


The Secret to Success

When we changed our inner self as an individual, Allah (swt) changed our exterior-self as a nation, writes Rahila Aziz.

Apr 11- Coming of Dajjal

The Coming of Dajjal

Tasneem Vali and Sadaf Farooqi transcribe and compile a very important lecture of Dr. Israr Ahmed about the advent of Dajjal.

Apr 11- Coming of Dajjal

An Important Hadith

A detailed hadith, recorded in Sahih Muslim, gives out important information about the Dajjal.

Apr 11 - To believe or not to believe

To Believe or not to Believe

We must have the correct information about Dajjal from authentic sources. And we must know how to handle this information, writes Hafsa Ahsan.


Apr 11 - War in monotheistic religion

War in Monotheistic Religions – Christianity

Laila Brence details the concept of war, as found in Christianity.


Dajjal and the End of Times

Mr. Raziuddin Syed takes a look at some of the major signs of the Day of Judgement and the coming of Dajjal.

Apr 11 Armageddon


Mr. Raziuddin Syed analyzes a look at the concept of Armageddon!

Apr 11- Singapore

Islam in Singapore

Ruhie Jamshed reflects upon life as a Muslim in Singapore.

Apr 11 - A world without Hospitals

A World without Hospitals

The modern hospital has its roots in the Bimaristans, as established by the Abbasids in Baghdad, writes Saulat Pervez.


Apr 11 -Teen, texts and technology

Teens, Texts and Technology

Teenagers today have their own cell phone with unlimited texting and web surfing. While there are some advantages to being in touch with young adults via technology, the prospects are scary, writes Kiran Ansari.

Apr 11 - Cheating muslim spouses

Cheating Muslim Spouses: a Sad State of ‘Affairs’

One of the negative trends mostly ‘brushed under the carpet’ in Pakistan are extra-marital affairs, commonly known in international media as ‘cheating’, writes Sadaf Farooqi.

Apr 11 - 7 habits

The 7 habits of highly effective teenagers – Part 7

Umm Isam continues her inspirational series, based on Sean Covey's best-seller by the same name.

Apr 11- Towards effective Quran classes

Towards Effective Quran Classes

There are a multitude of Quran classes going on these days. If you are one of those who would like to initiate one among your social circle, here are five tips you might find handy.



Risk or Rizq?

Abu Zakariya reflects upon his path towards earning Halal Rizq.

Apr 11 - Mohsin

“To Forgive is Divine” – The Way of a Muhsin

May Allah (swt) grant us the patience to forgive others and the ability to turn our foes into our friends, writes Alia Adil.

Apr 11 - Talk to Allah swt

Talk to Allah (swt)

The next time you feel sad and glum (or even happy) and you want to share your feelings, just make a direct call to Allah (swt), suggests Binte Aqueel.

Apr 11 - The value of the oppressed

The Value of the Oppressed

Snippets from the lives of our pious predecessors who serve as a role model for us today!


Apr 11 - reviews

Book Reviews (Dajjal Issue)

Reviews of the latest must-reads on your book shelf,

Apr 11 - Concept of punishment

Concept of Punishment in Islam

This article has been compiled from a workshop titled “Concept of Punishment in Islam” conducted by Mr. Asim Ismail ( at “Reflections” school.

Apr 11 - insomnia

Dealing with Insomnia

Do you lie awake at night? Amber Saleem has some handy tips to help you fall into a deep sleep.