The Adventurer (Part 2)

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Zia Paracha

Zia Paracha is an engineer, businessman and yoga trainer, based in Karachi.

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(You can read the first part of the story here.)


Moiz said: “Allah (swt) has given us many ways for lightening the heart, so that anyone who wishes to “lighten up” would find a way suitable way. Nobody will be left out from His blessings. Allah (swt) knows the differences in His creation, so He has made different routes for each person to choose from.”

Moiz was nowspeaking from his heart: “Suleman, go and visit an orphanage. Put your hand on the heads of the orphans. Your heart will melt like butter. Try it once just to see for yourself. Or in the night, when sleep besieges you, shun it and stand in prayers, but do it from your heart, and your heart will be lightened! Just pray Nafl for the love of Allah (swt) and nothing else! Empty your soul from all desires, needs or wants and pray with a heart that wants nothing but to prostate itself in front of Allah (swt)! He deserves all our prayers and praises. Imagine it’s the Doomsday, and Allah makes His appearance – what would you do, when you see His Majesty, His Splendour and His Grandeur beyond words! You will fall into Sajdah! Do that Sajdah now! Bring that feeling into your heart, and your heart will burst with happiness and lighten up.”

Moiz went on: “And if you feel like it, then go free the birds being sold in cages, but only with the intention that they become free and can fly wherever they wish to fly to! Or Suleman, resolve you will not look at any woman, who is not your Mahram, for one entire day. Feel the lightness and pride in your heart, when at the end of the day you know you did it! Then, do it the next day and the next! Keep doing that, for you value your lightness because it is in that lightness that you are close to Allah (swt)! Resolve again that you will not lie today and relish, how good it would feel, when you would stop yourself from falsehood for the entire day. Realize that the lightness comes, because Allah (swt) is close to a light heart!”

“Then, proceed and look for opportunities to do little or big errands for someone, anyone. Just for the sake of helping the other person’s task to get done. Do not seek anything, seek nothing. When you do it with that heart, what actually happens? That person was wishing (another way of praying to Allah (swt)) for someone to help him, and Allah (swt) selected you from amongst all His people for this task. How wonderful it is to be the chosen one! And remember: whenever you do something for someone, it is not you who is doing it, as is Allah (swt), Who selected you to do His work – you became His instrument. What an honour! Then, feel how your day goes by – you will experience the feeling of a wonderful protective blessing surrounding you.”

Beaming, Moiz said: “Allah (swt) has also provided us with the two seconds ‘do good easy grabs’. ‘Thank you, Allah!’ takes two seconds and can be done after every meal, a safe drive or on receiving any blessing. These two seconds pile up to a lot of goodness over a year’s time!”

Then, with a smile, he said: “And if one is really short of time, then Allah (swt) has provided one second ‘easy grabs’: Assalamu Alaikum, a smile, a word of encouragement, letting your neighbour in the mosque take first Saff, or the most difficult but maybe highly valued by Allah (swt): giving up your perfect parking space to a woman,” he chuckled. “These and many other chances are in front of us every day… but we are sleeping at the switch!”

“Now, you maybe wondering, if these little things can actually get noticed among all the great happenings in the universe. Then, remember the story of the woman, who spent a life of promiscuity, and on one very hot day, seeing a dog panting with thirst, she stopped, went to a well, took out water and gave to the dog. Allah (swt) loved her action so much that He forgave all her past sins. So, Suleman, not only our little actions but even the whisperings of our hearts are being noticed by the Great Listener.”

Suleman, there are so many opportunities to do good all around us – they are like the grains of sand and the drops of water in the ocean! Allah (swt) has made sure He gives you many chances, because He does not want even a single person to be one of “those who incur loss”.  He has made the world a land of opportunity, so every soul, wherever he/she is on this planet, can become His instrument and reach the ultimate success! Suleman, Allah (swt) is so Supreme that if all the people, who have ever lived and who are living and who will ever live in the future, were to ask for all the things they could ever wish for, including all the gold, jewels, cash, properties, cars, houses, furniture, sons and daughters, all our little minds can ever conceive and imagine, and if all the people were granted all these things a hundred times over, the treasures of Allah (swt) would not diminish by even a needle, nay not a needle, not even the tip of a needle!”

Moiz’s words hit Suleman very strongly – his heart was bursting with happiness that Allah (swt) had answered the question, which had been bothering him for such a long time. Not only that – He had laid out a table for him to pick all the goodness that his heart desired, without end and in whatever field he cared to choose!

Suleman embraced Moiz, kissed his cheeks and nearly ran out of the mosque, light on his feet, unable to control his passion and enthusiasm. He felt like an adventurer going out into the world in search of the biggest treasure of all – goodness. His despondency evaporated, and he knew now life’s real purpose had unfolded for him. Today, when he was at a crossroads in life, he got clear guidance. He knew now his heart would always be at peace, full of happiness and joy – a truly light heart!  From that day onward, his choice in every situation in his life was simple: “I value my heart!”

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