Take a Muslim’s attitude- Express gratitude

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Uzma Saeed Khan

Uzma Saeed Khan is a student of Psychology who loves to read, learn and write about the connection of Psychology with Islam. Photography and good food clicks her. She blogs at: www.thewayithinkblog.wordpress.com

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StarsSome people seem absolutely beautiful. They appear in the form of stars during pitch dark nights, scattered all over the sky, emitting light and illuminating the surroundings. They enter your life like a sailing ship-sailing smoothly through, silent and calm, making its way to the shore. They touch your life as easily as it can be because they bring peace, tranquillity and meaning to it. They, in the midst of despair, bring you hope. They, during the times of turmoil, bring you ease. They, in different moments of your life, throw colours on your canvas; thus painting your picture a little brighter and more beautiful. Some people are beautiful, just like the stars- shining bright and making you see things which you had never seen before- because it was dark; because it was hard, without them.

Unlike the tremendously significant ties of your family, these people appear in different stages of your life. Some of them will leave as you proceed, while others will stay. They have different names, but they are there. In one way or the other, your life will remain flavoured with their presence.

We humans are social beings, and are obliged to stay connected with people around us. We need communication in order to progress. Our personal, as well as, societal development depends on our ability to interact with other humans. The more we intermingle, more people we relate ourselves to. In the course of this networking, we sometimes meet people who appear more like us, who behave similar to our behaviour and even accept us the way we are. Our frequencies resonate with each other. We feel love, affection and fondness for them. We call them friends!

Look around-

Do you feel compassion in their eyes?

Do you see unconditional love in their actions?


Get closer-

Do you feel them?

A helping hand,

a lending shoulder,

a warm hug

or an encouraging nod?

Do you see them?

A friend in need, is a friend indeed!

Every man since the beginning of time till today, including the Prophets, who had support of Allah (swt), the Supreme, has had companions. The Beloved Prophet of Allah (swt), Muhammad (sa) was in close friendship with many Sahabah (ra) including Abu Bakr (ra). They were close and supported each other in the hardest of times; until our Prophet (sa) took his final breath. Their brotherly love was cherished equally to such an extent that the Messenger of Allah (swt) said:

“If I were to choose from my Ummah anyone as my bosom friend, I would have chosen Abu Bakr.” (Muslim)

How beautiful is this bond where you can associate yourself with someone who will embrace you with every detail you hold! You will be loved by your friend irrespective of your appearance or failures. It doesn’t matter if you are rich or poor, if you are surrounded by faithful friends, your life will be treasured. Your happiness will be multiplied, while your sorrows will get a little less painful. They will see pain in your eyes even when you have had the loudest laughs. Your success will be celebrated.  Your failures will be shared.

No matter how strong you have been all your life, you would always need someone like this. Even if you have touched highest of the milestones in your life, you would always cherish that hand helping you get up; that shoulder lending you a support; and that hug making it all worth it, in the end.

But it doesn’t end here- We Humans do not function according to a manual which is why our relationships are difficult in all their glory. We posses friends who are critically important in our lives, yet they do not get the appreciation they deserve. They are not told enough that they matter. In the rough stages of life where everything gets in our way, yet they help us get through the most complicated phases of our life; we forget to acknowledge how helpful they had been. It’s ironical how less we appreciate their presence, but how immensely dependent we are on them.

If you have a sincere friend, you have struck gold!

If you have one friend who you can count on, even at the darkest hour of your life, consider yourself the luckiest person on this planet. Without him, the upsetting realities of this life would tire your soul. Not sharing your worries or the happy moments will drain your energies out.  Let’s face it, without your sincere friends; your life will be less colourful and more difficult.

Just remember that your strength in your life isn’t flawed when you appreciate them. Your austerity doesn’t change when you cherish them; and your milestones will still be yours, if you credit them for who they have made you in tiny bits of their support or love.

In his book, How to win friends and influence people, Dale Carnegie says;

“Actions speak louder than words, and a smile says, ‘I like you. You make me happy. I am glad to see you.”

It doesn’t have to be a day, an event or a fancy occasion to tag a card along. It can be today, it can be right now. If you haven’t told them, let them know now. Tell them, they matter! Appreciate their efforts in bringing you up. Acknowledge their support in all those gloomy days. Be grateful for their applause, their hugs, their kisses and their love. Whatever it takes to say, “Thank you.” do it today.

“Anyone who doesn’t thank people has not thanked Allah (swt).” (Abu-Dawud,Tirmidhi)

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