Jul 10 - Let's Compare

Let’s Compare!

We are not a nation that has just recently discovered soap bars, fragrant scrubs or the dental floss. We are the ones, who set precedence for the usage of all such personal and public hygiene related products, and that too, 1400 years back.

Jul 10 - The Prophet's saw concern for taharah

The Prophet’s (sa) Concern for Taharah

After being blessed with Prophethood, the second revelation reminded the Prophet (sa) of his heavy responsibilities and asked him to observe cleanliness, writes Halima Khan.

Jul 10 - Travelling with Quran

Travelling with the Quran

There are several ways we can keep the Quran close to us while travelling. Fiza Fatima Asar elaborates on some of the ways.

Jul 10 - Dare to think

Dare to Think!

Keep in mind the words of Socrates: “An unexamined life is not worth living.”

Jul 10 - Is dirt good

Is Dirt Good?

With countless cartoons which show violence without pain and endorse dirty surroundings as elements of fun and enjoyment, the media has reversed the concepts of good and bad, writes Asma Siddiqui.

Jul 10 - Don't confuse liberal with tolerant

Don’t Confuse Liberal with Tolerant!

J. Samia Mair reflects upon her experiences as a revert Muslimah and wonders whether a liberal individual is necessarily tolerant.

character fair

Towards a Commendable Character

Ayesha Khatib narrates the happenings at a three-day Character Fair in Star Links School.

Clean water and water bubbles

Taharah – Half of Faith

We live in a world which gives us mixed messages regarding cleanliness (Taharah). The mass media encourages our children to get as dirty as they want. What guidance do we derive from the Quran and Sunnah regarding Taharah?

Jul 10 - Cleansing our interiors

Cleansing our Interiors

What an irony! A house is wiped clean of the last speck of dust. But the inmates either forgot or ignored to purify their hearts and souls along with it.

Jul 10 - The Wayfarer

The Wayfarer

Maryam Sakeenah pays a humble tribute to Dr. Israr Ahmed.


Jul 10 - Shaping up your finances Go budgeting

Shaping up Your Finances. Go Budgeting!

Wondering how and where to begin the process of effective budgeting and income management? Ayesha Ashraf Jangda has some help at hand.

India Eid al Fitr


Alia Adil presents detailed rulings on Zakat-ul-Fitr.

Jul 10 - Itikaaf

Itikaf: A Forsaken Sunnah

Do you have questions about Itikaf? Sumaira Dada finds the answers.

Jul 10 - Fidya

Fidya: A Relaxation

Allah (swt) considers our human weaknesses and provides us leeway in the form of Fidya and Qada if we fall short of our obligations, writes Qainaf Najam.


Jul 10 - Defining my hero

Defining my Hero

he next time any of us is tempted to compare her husband to any other man (be it her father, a celebrity or a complete stranger), she should remember all that he has done and goes on doing for her and her family, that too without having to ask him!

Jul 10 - Handling Hygiene with kids

Handling Hygiene with Kids

As mothers of the next generation, we have to leave no stone unturned in inculcating high standards of cleanliness and purity in our little ones from day one, whether, we are in our private spaces or in public.

Jul 10 - The governor's son is whipped

The Governor’s Son is whipped!

The son of a governor, belonging to a noble family, was commanded to be whipped before his own father’s eyes and that too by a common man, who had been wronged.



Dear Haadia

Please direct me towards some productive work, which I can do to utilize my free time.

July 10- 7 habits

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teenagers - Part 4

Umm Isam discusses some of centres around which we base our lives, in her series of articles on the habits of highly effective teenagers.

Jul 10 - Interview with Sarah Basar

Interview with Sarah Basar - An Aspiring Lawyer

An exclusive interview with Sara Basar, an aspiring lawyer.

Painting of big red heart over white background

It Echoes in the Hearts…

The Prophet (sa) laid great emphasis on listening to the Quran, writes Naureen Aqueel.

Jul 10 - I lost my friend

I Lost My Friend

Darakhshan Siddiqui's heart-touching piece about the death of her young friend, Suqaina.