Do Everything with Ihsan

ExcellenceSlide1Today, I was tidying up the kitchen, and I put a jar of peanut butter back into the cupboard very quickly (because when you have a child, you try to get everything done in those precious moments where she’s taking a nap!). Unfortunately, I didn’t put it back properly; it was sort of dangling on the edge. Well, later when I came to open the cupboard to get something, it came crashing down and knocked a glass plate off the counter, which shattered into about a thousand pieces on the floor. I had to spend a very long time cleaning up and making sure there wasn’t a single shard of glass that my toddler might pick up (God forbid) and swallow.

I thought to myself: If I had just done everything properly in the beginning, I would have actually saved myself from wasting time and energy, and getting stressed. And that would’ve been Ihsan. I guess when we don’t strive for perfection in what we do, we suffer in the future. And that’s why Allah (swt) loves those who do things with Ihsan (excellence).