Crisis Management


Compiled by Noorjehan Arif

In the daily course of life, we seldom realize that anything might go wrong. Even when we hear or read about a disaster or a crime, we do not anticipate ourselves being in a similar situation, till it actually strikes!

If you live in a location that is precarious because of its sensitive conditions, you might perhaps be slightly cautious the minute you step out of the house. Most of us, however, are normally unaware of our surroundings and conditions to the point that we could potentially end up in an avoidable disaster.

Crime may not necessarily be a mugging in our home; it could as well be a hit-and-run by a vehicle or a physical assault. Of course, this should not deter you from leaving your house and going about with your work; however, you should always be careful and aware of your surroundings. In order to avoid becoming a crime victim, we offer you tips for keeping yourself and your loved ones safe.

Routines Might be Dangerous

What exactly does it mean to be aware and alert about the surroundings? Routines must be evaluated; and if you feel a potential threat, change your routine and check, whether you are being monitored.

Consider it this way: helping hands inside and outside your home have the most complete view of your routines – when children go to school, at what times of day nobody is at home, when everyone come back home and so forth. Your routines are exactly what the perpetrator wants to evaluate, before committing a crime.

Always recite Duas for leaving and entering the house and seek Allah’s (swt) assistance and protection from all wrong doings. Due to our perpetual rush, we usually forget such little Duas that have the power to help.

Potentially Harmful Activities

It is important to avoid dark alleys and isolated roads, especially during the night-time. Offenders generally hunt around these places for people, who walk alone, as they are easy targets. If it is important to walk alone in an isolated area, be sure to keep a lookout for anyone walking behind you or any shadows around you. Keep handy some surprise mechanism as well – something like a can of chilli pepper would work wonders in times of need.

Nearly all of us have experienced dangerous situations on the road. Well-wishers may have stopped to give a lift or lend a helping hand. However, that does not mean that every hitchhiker on the road is asking for honest help. You might get caught in the middle of a mishap, because a criminal wanted a means for escape or an evening worker hopped on for a ride.

Vigilance at all Times

Of course, we should not become paranoid by every person walking on the road; however, it is important to be careful and keep vigil on any suspicious strangers. Often, such people may be easy to identify, as they are trying their utmost to blend in and act normal, which is quite noticeable.

Key times for keeping vigil are when entering or exiting your home, office, school or car and when you are out shopping. It is even more important to be careful, when you are with friends or family. We often get so busy with our family and children that we lose track of our surroundings. Such distractions are exactly what a person with malicious intent is looking for.

Tips for Avoiding Dangerous Situations

1.      Do not be distracted by documents or cell phone.

Distracted people are easy targets – if you are walking and browsing through a document or talking on the phone, you will not be significantly aware of your surroundings. Needless to say, talking on the cell phone while driving is a crime that endangers the lives of other people.

2.      Do not try to play a hero, when you encounter a criminal.

If you encounter a criminal, especially with a weapon, realize that you cannot win against the weapon. Therefore, playing a hero might actually do more harm than good. However, think of ways to avoid the escalation of the situation and try to save your life first, before caring for your belongings.

3.      Do not rush into a sensitive situation, without proper help on the way.

If you see someone in trouble and think that you can save them singlehandedly, think again. It would be better to call for help and wait for it, rather than rush in to assist alone. The situation may get even more awry and potentially cause more harm than it would have without you in it.

4.      Memorize emergency and help-line numbers.

Generally, people, especially children, do not remember emergency numbers, which may render them helpless in difficult situations. It is critical to keep a list of emergency numbers and contacts handy in case of any trouble. Once, we encountered a child falling off a motorcycle, while we were on the road. We could call the ambulance quickly only because one of us had the phone numbers readily available.

All these tips should not make you feel that the world is a dangerous place, and you should never venture out of the house. You should simply be more conscious of your surroundings, in order to avoid risky situations. This also means that you should be prepared for facing any possible danger. Moreover, we must also seek Allah’s (swt) protection at all times and pray for guiding the evildoers towards the right path.

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