Met my Lord: To the Moon and Back


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Boredom of vacation was literally murdering me. Everything felt mundane and dull. I had pretty much nothing to do. I just sat there going through face book- filled with posts and videos- that were not, at all, grabbing my attention. I decided why not complain to my mother about this, after all that’s all we kids can do. So, this is what my mother said

“Your dad is going out to pick your sister, why don’t you go too? Get some fresh air.”

I thought why not. I can make my dad go to the bakery on the way back and get my favourite cookies! I changed into something tidy and presentable, and was ready for this little trip. I couldn’t wait to reach the bakery; I mean, who doesn’t like freshly baked chocolate chip cookies?

I sat there in the car, wind gushing away my hair, it felt good. I looked up towards the sky. The sky was breathtaking; it was reddish-purple. The gentle sunshine peaking through the scattered clouds, radiant but calm. Eagles were soaring high up, wings spread out widely, feeling the wind and celebrating their freedom.

I thought for a second- Who created all this? Who is the One Who made this dazzling sky that changed its colour with every passing moment? Who created these birds, with enormous wings? Who is holding the sky, and preventing it from falling over us? Who is changing the weather from warm to cool by sending soothing, gentle breeze to us. Who is setting the sun? Who is controlling this impeccable system?  Who brings back the calmness of the night? Who?

I only had one answer. Allah (swt). My Lord, your Lord- the Lord of all that exists- Subhan’Allah! Who knew that a careless and reckless person like me would stare at the sky, and praise the beauty of Allah (swt). Only my Lord made me apprehend this. Everywhere I looked, I thought of Allah (swt). I couldn’t count His blessings. My mind was too small to enumerate His gifts; too small to appreciate or even understand His Strength and His Might.

Ya Allah (swt)! I asked myself- when was the last time I praised my Lord? My brain had signalled my eyes to produce tears.

I was remembering my Lord, after a long time. I wanted to trap my tears in my eyes- but like me, they broke away, flowing freely down my cheeks. I was daunted, disheartened by my own soul. I could hear the Adhan. “Come to Prayer.” The Muadh-dhin called out. Where were my prayers I asked myself? Why had I been ignoring my daily communication with my Lord? Was praying five times that hard? I had ravaged my own soul, destroyed my own self.

I looked back up towards the sky, it was getting darker; the sky was exhibiting shades of indigo. Birds were hastening back to their nests, and the clouds were gliding away with the wind. There was a weird sense of tranquility in the air. My heart felt open. I didn’t know when I got home. But, as soon as I did, I did Wudhu. Every drop of water cleansed my soul. I ran towards the prayer mat. And after a long time, prayed. Tears were still flowing, and my body was trembling.

I got up from my last Sujood, feeling lighter than ever. I finished my prayer, and wiped my tears away. I made a promise to myself that I will never abandon prayer again. I looked back at the sky, it was dark, velvety and the stars were glittering. Amazed once again by its magnificence, but more significantly, deeply in love with its Creator!

When all reject, Allah (swt) accepts

sujood2Lubna was a monotheist – a believer by heart but not by deeds. She was secular by actions; deep inside, she believed in Allah (swt) but was engrossed in her worldly luxuries. Her principles were mainly connected to cars, houses and castles. She cared and was concerned about the creation of Allah (swt) but never got worried about her relationship with her Creator Allah (swt).

Although she was a Muslim, Lubna did not think much about predestination – a belief, which is mandatory for every Muslim. Life was going very well, because she was deeply engrossed in fulfilling her dreams. Her priorities were quite different from other girls in her college; she was busy with getting good marks, showing her beauty to the world and satisfying her own desires.

However, when she entered her university life, her fascinating getup really charmed a boy. In her getup, she was the centre of attention of any frustrated male’s gaze. She used to encourage herself by the following statement: “If I have a clear heart like a mirror in front of Allah (swt), so what else do I need to cover myself with.” This boy showed her the respect and care that she had been craving for in her life. Slowly and gradually, she fell in love with this boy; now, her primary concerned was to obey him totally. She was fully occupied by his thoughts, likes, dislikes, and her heart was deeply taken by him. He meant the world for her, and she was obsessed by him.

In the illegal relationship, with any heartache given by the boy, she used to come to Sujood and get close to Allah (swt) for asking help. Alas! A day came, when her beloved left her, and on that day, she realized that metaphorical love ends soon.

Now, the only thing that was giving her relief of her heartache was indulging in Sujood and Dhikr. She realized the real meaning of life – that it was just an illusion. She understood that infatuation of this world comes to an end. Lubna came to know that all delusions and misconceptions end, when a person is hurt by his/her own love, whom he/she worshipped like his/her lord, forgetting the true purpose of life. She realized that we live in a world of deception, until we get rejected by what we love more than ourselves.

Lubna understood that her attire was grabbing the attention only of dirty minds with dirty stares. Thus, she inclined towards Allah (swt) and cut herself completely off from her metaphorical love. Her long list of friends (including males), who were connected to her on social sites, got shortened. At last, she made her way to Allah (swt) by doing sincere repentance, engaging herself in prayers and starting to practice proper Hijab. She felt very secure in her Hijab, and found Allah’s (swt) wisdom in His rules and regulations. From that day, she truly realized the importance of Hijab and said: “Indeed, when I covered my head, I opened my mind.”

Lubna started to lead her life completely according to her Lord’s codes and guidelines. She comprehended that true happiness lies in the remembrance of Allah (swt) and fulfilling His obligations with pure heart. Her belief in predestination got strengthened. She completely grasped that there is no power or supremacy except Almighty Allah (swt). Indeed Allah (swt) loves those, who incline and devote themselves only to Him, and there is no pleasure in this transient state, except worshipping Allah (swt). Thus, she found Allah (swt).