Be Smart Parents. Let Your Kids Be Bored!

25 top five

  1. In boredom, they discover who they really are

Researchers say boredom provides an inner quiet that helps children with self-awareness. “Kids need to sit in their own boredom for the world to become quiet enough that they can hear themselves.” (Dr. Vanessa Lapointe) If the surrounding around them is too loud or filled with distractions, they never achieve this state of quietness. Hence, once every now and then, it is good for them to be their own company without any gadget to distract them.

  1. Children develop important life skills when they have to come up with solutions to boredom

Child development experts advise parents not to rush in with ready-made solutions. If a child has access to safe and educational apparatus, non-gadget play stuff, stationery, and creative material, he can be trusted to call his shots. Whatever the calling, he will eventually grab some raw material and build it into something worthy.

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At What Age do I Teach my Child?

teaching my child

Transcribed for hiba by Alia Adil

An awesome question came from a mother during the Gulf tour who asked: “My son is two-and-a-half years old. When do I begin to teach him Arabic grammar, Quran, Tajweed, and memorization because I want him to be raised with the Quran?”

What a beautiful concern you have with your child that you want him to learn the Quran, but he is three years old! What were you doing when you were three years old? You don’t remember! Kids are on the Fitrah – they are beautiful. Let them be. Teach them. Yes, teach them lovingly. Some kids have more aptitude and want to learn quickly, so you give them that opportunity. Some kids want play more – let them play more and take their time.

Parents have to be flexible with their children and not impose the same standards (on all of them). They should not compare one child to the other, especially in terms of their Quran. I have six kids; not all of them memorize Quran the same way. Not all of them study the Quran the same way. I have one child who memorizes something in five minutes – she’s so fast, amazing! I have another child for whom the same memorization could take a month. And I don’t compare: “Why don’t you do it like your sister, huh?” I don’t do that. This is Zulm, and it creates hatred towards Deen. “Because of this Book, my father likes my other sister more than me.” That’s wrong – stop it! Stop being so stressed over your kids. Allah (swt) doesn’t want your child to be a Hafiz; Allah (swt) doesn’t want your child to be an Alim (scholar). Allah (swt) wants your child to be a good Muslim. Allah (swt) wants your child to love his or her Deen. That’s what He (swt) wants.

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