[Book Review] Quran Par Amal

book1There is a legacy amongst most of the people who inherited Islam from their forefathers that the Quran, sent down for the guidance of the whole mankind, is to be recited to gain the ultimate benefit. We Muslims don’t realize that apart from reciting this Book, we should also make an effort to learn and understand the Arabic language, so that the message of Allah (swt) in this Book becomes clearer. Reciting Quran, without understanding a word, is not what Allah (swt) wanted us to do. It is binding upon all of us to also implement its teachings in our daily life. However, this is what we all fail to do.

‘Quran Par Amal’ by Samia Ramzan, is a book that a very dear friend of mine gifted me on one of our re-union parties. At first, I was dissuaded by Satan to actually read it. But the message of my friend that “We might meet in Paradise” shook my conscience; I must make an effort to work for Jannah if I intend to meet her there. It was out of this sheer guilt and a sense of responsibility that I opened the first page. No sooner had I started reading the book that it had completely grasped my attention and I couldn’t put it down.

The book, with a small prologue of this remarkable programme, consists of a total of 14 chapters; each chapter consists of one daily life problem and a small narration of the experiences of a few women, who solved it through a verse of Allah’s (swt) Book.

The book contains real life experiences, shared by various women, about their daily life problems and how they found their solutions in the Quran. Ied when the author, Samia Ramzan, initiated a special Friday gathering for women in a Madarsah. After a small Islamic lecture, women used to rush around her in order to share their grievances and ask for her help. As this gathering gained momentum, she came up with a special programme that would ensure solutions to routine problems, through the glorious Quran and Sunnah. According to this programme, all the women were required to take out one verse of the Quran, recite it, learn it by heart and repeat it, till it was implemented in their daily lives. And then, the next week, the same process would be repeated with a new verse of the Quran. The book, with a small prologue of this remarkable programme, consists of a total of 14 chapters; each chapter consists of one daily life problem and a small narration of the experiences of a few women, who solved it through a verse of Allah’s (swt) Book.

Reading this book was a life-changing experience, because it bridges the gap between our lives and the Quran; it is a tool that most of us are deprived of. It shows that this life is a lock, whose key is hidden in the beautiful verses of the Quran; understanding Allah’s (swt) Book will reap ultimate fruitful rewards for Here and Hereafter.

Worthy Reads

QURAT1001By S. Hamza Asad and Ofaira Ateeq Hussain

From the many books published on the Quran, the following two, no doubt, are some of the leading ones.

“Atlas of the Quran”

Compiled by: Dr. Shawqi Abu Khalil

Publisher: Darussalam

Number of pages: 392

Available at: Darussalam outlets (Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad)

Muslims, young and old, have always loved to read the stories of all the prophets mentioned in the Quran – Islamic stories always leave their impact on our imagination. But to capture the pictures in our mind, for the first time an untouched subject has emerged in the form of “Atlas of the Quran”.

“Atlas of the Quran” is an authentic compilation of the Quranic stories and information regarding the prophecies and the places where different prophets lived, ruled and died. The book contains tables, pictures, regions, routes and maps of all those places which are discussed in the Quran. It also embellishes the beauty of some of the major divine events with reference to their scientific facts and innovative historical and modern sources such as the flood during the times of Prophet Noah (as). Apart from this, almost all the stories and incidents of the twenty five prophets, mentioned in the Quran by name, are discussed in this book.

Compiled by Dr. Shawqi Abu Khalil, “Atlas of the Quran” is one of the greatest attempts ever to adumbrate the Islamic facts and the author of this book surely seems to have burnt the midnight oil to undertake such extensive research.

“Quran par Amal”

Written by: Summaiyah Ramadan

Translated by: Zaheer-ud-Deen Bhatti

Publisher: Manshurat

Number of pages: 157

Available at:

The book “Quran par Amal” is a translation of workshops conducted in Arabic by sister Summaiyah Ramadan in Kuwait. It has been translated into Urdu by Zaheer-ud-Deen Bhatti and the foreword is by Muslim Sajjad. Both the brothers have appreciated the fact that women are playing a very active role in the revival of our Deen.

The book is divided into four sections. The first section explores and explains how the Quran is a book of guidance, and how it should be applied to our daily lives. The second section deals with the prerequisites for bringing about personal change through the Quran. Eight prerequisites have been defined and explained.

The third section is the most interesting one. It contains the experiences of the ladies attending sister Summaiyah’s workshops. These workshops were not just a series of lectures. In each class, an Ayah of the Quran was selected, and ways of applying that particular Ayah in the daily lives of the women attending were discussed. The ladies would read and re-read the Ayah, memorize it and try to practice it in their homes for at least one week. Then they would come back and share their experiences. If they felt that, Alhumdulillah, they were able to bring about a change in themselves or their environment, they would select another Ayah for the next week. Otherwise, the same Ayah would continue for another week, until some results became visible.

The experiences related under fourteen topics are amazing and inspiring. They are classic examples of the Barakah and benefits of practicing the Quran. The problems are as simple as waking up for Fajr prayers to as complicated as distribution of inheritance.

All in all, this book is a very inspiring read for those who want to practice the teachings of the Quran in their daily lives.