Islam Tech Exhibition – Alhuda International School

AIEx-IslamTechAlHuda International School Islamabad organized an Islamic Science Exhibition (AIEx) on 21st April, 2015 at Aura Grand, E-11/3. The theme of the exhibition was “Islam Tech”. The main objective of the exhibition was to show the connection of Islamic teachings with the modern day science and technology.

The chief guest Rana Tanvir Hussain Minister of Defence Production and Science and Technology graced the event with his presence. Other guests of honor on the event were Dr. Samar Mubarak, a renowned Nuclear Scientist and a Metallurgical Engineer, Dr. Ahsan Iqbal,State,Minister of Planning and Management, Mr. Balighur Rehman, Minister of education, Muhammad Atif, KPK minister of Education.

Students were very well rehearsed in their scientific as well as Islamic knowledge of the projects and experiments.

The program started with recitation of the verses from the Holy Quran. While visiting the projects and displays of the students Dr. Samar Mubarak Mand appreciated the efforts of the institute on equipping its students with ample knowledge of religion as well as providing them with the opportunity to learn and understand the scientific working of the world around us. He laid a strong emphasis on education. Being a tool in developing good morals and ethics amongst the youth, highlighting the role of families, as well as educational institutions in providing our new generation with these ethics.

He appreciated the idea behind the AIEx and remarked that it is a great need of the time. He praised the performance of the young students of Alhuda International School. He expressed that it was amazing to see the hard work and enthusiasm shown by the teachers.

The school organized the event at Aura Grand Marquee in E-11. The venue was split into two zones in sync with the theme of the event. The first zone consisted of the projects on agricultural tech, educational tech, aerospace tech, transport tech. health technology, communication technology and a few projects on personal technology by Montessori section. The primary section held their projects on transport technology, information technology, geo technology, space science and aerospace.

The primary section held their projects on transport technology, information technology, geo technology, space science and aerospace.

The senior girls’ section held their projects on design, technology, educational technology and nano technology. Senior boys section presented their projects on bio technology and robotics in zone two. The presentable blend of science, technology and art attracted the attention of a huge number of visitors to this event.

Students were very well rehearsed in their scientific as well as Islamic knowledge of the projects and experiments. The zeal, energy and enthusiasm of the children was oozing out from auras which was a sight worth watching.

At closing ceremony Mr. Rana Tanvir said, “It is indeed an honor to attend such a spectacular event organized by AIS. The vision of AIS is to develop the academic skills of children, enhance their natural talents, impart authentic religious education and ensure positive character building in order to make them responsible Muslims, contributing citizens and respectful human being is itself inspiring.”

The exhibition concluded with the director’s note. He highlighted the essential elements of the AIS mission as being a vital factor in the development of AIS students as responsible Muslims, contributing citizens and respectful human beings. He emphasized on the importance of recognizing and respecting our Creator. He explained that the exclusive features of AIS are imparting authentic Islamic education, parent’s involvement, motivated and dedicated teachers and a progressive environment. Atif Iqbal thanked the honorable chief guest and the distinguish guests for gracing the occasion and encouraging the students.

Ask the Savvy Parent: Kids Bored at Home

im-bored-cover-e1372184590438Dear Savvy Parent,

My kids complain that I am always asking them to study. They feel bored at home and with me. What should I do?

Dear parent,

First of all, your children are all aged 10 and under. They are still very young. Why do they need to study so much? Constantly pushing them to study isn’t helpful at all. Some parents put way too much pressure on their children from an early age to succeed academically. I understand that in some countries this is considered to be a cultural norm, but as a teacher, I can tell you that pressure and constant study is NOT an effective method for learning, regardless of culture.  Education should not be just about memorization and forced learning; it should be about understanding the material. Memorizing and understanding are two completely different concepts. It is important as parents and as educators to instill a love of learning without pressure.  Learning shouldn’t and doesn’t have to be boring or tedious. Make it fun; be creative; make it into a game and most of all, be encouraging! Remember, a child is more successful when the experience is enjoyable.

Encouragement versus praise

Most parents enjoy praising their children with words like “Well done!” and “That looks great!” However, research shows that encouragement (not praise) has a more significant effect upon a child’s motivation. So what is the difference between praise and encouragement, you might ask. Though they sound like the same thing, they are not. The difference is that words of praise lead the child to rely on YOUR assessment of his or her accomplishments, while words of encouragement lead him or her to form THEIR OWN positive assessment of himself or herself. Examples of encouragement are: “Look at that drawing; I can tell you have spent lots of time on it. It must be a great feeling knowing you worked so hard on it,” or “It didn’t work out the way you planned, did it? I can tell you are upset about it, but it’s okay. I know you will try again next week. What could you do differently next time?”

Next, you say your children feel bored at home and with you. Do you spend time with your children just having fun? If not, set some time out in the day and spend some quality time with your kids, as a family. Have fun, play with them or do something with them that they enjoy. One of the best and most obvious things about spending quality time with your children is developing stronger and positive relationships with them. Be sure that both parents also spend individual time with each child. This will help build memories as well as trust. This is an integral part of having a healthy family dynamics as well as happy children. The benefits are endless, so set aside one-on-one, quality time with your kids.

Quality Time Ideas- What Does It Look Like?

  1. Cook or bake together.
  2. Play sports.
  3. What are their hobbies? Do some with them.
  4. Have a family movie or games night (age-appropriate, of course).
  5. Go on a bike ride or walk together.
  6. Read a book together; this works great for younger children.
  7. Make a craft or start a project together.

These are just seven of the hundreds of things you can do together. Start making quality time for each child. You’ll be amazed at the difference it can make!

Insha’Allah I hope this helps. Happy Parenting!

The Savvy Parent