Back in Time


In the times of the old,
Immorality was common to the feeble and bold.
Injustice prevailed to rich’s avail
The mystery so great, no one to unveil
These dark ages have most atrocities filled in it
With the Arabs been socked in it
Corruption sways the heart of men
To them a means to an end
They bury their female child
Mostly seen as sex object
Who is bold enough to face the penalty to object?
Men’s hearts filled with envy and grudges
With worship of different deities
Theft, murder, rape, and immoral dressing
These are norms in the society
Until a clearsign from above skies
That answers the entire why
A beam of light into the dark
That gets only white from black
To end immoralityand injustice
A messenger of the Most High
To lift to greater height
From dark to light was the change
Just believe in God was the wage
Lands of terror and fight
Became that of peace and light
Widespread were his great words

Love, peace and morals were his swords
Believe in God and act on His commands
Because that would be good deeds in our hands
So follow the way of the Prophet
His best! Who can contest?
With this great Deen he brought the solution
To all injustice and aberrations
Now, the world is going back to the old times
And everything back to the bad times
So, why not go back to his teachings?
For he has brought nothing, but good tidings
Which is the only visible way out?
Go back and emulate his example
That he left for the whole of mankind.