Consistency – Allah’s (swt) Favourite Trait

ConsistencyAllah (swt) says in the Holy Quran: “Verily! In the creation of the heavens and the earth, and in the alternation of night and day, there are indeed signs for men of understanding.” (Al-Imran 3:190)

Staying consistent is one of the most difficult jobs in this world. Look around yourself, and it will not be long, before your gaze discerns innumerable dissatisfied souls ambling away towards unknown worlds. Not long will it take for the same gaze to discover a similar ailment within yourself, too. Have you ever wondered, as to why the percentage of truly successful individuals/ states/ organizations/ entities is very small! The secret of their success undoubtedly rests very plainly in this seemingly simple word – consistency.

Consistency all around us

Allah (swt) is Consistent in all His traits. We definitely cannot be Allah (swt), but He who has created us wants to see this quality in us. Several times the Quran has enjoined us to perform certain obligations (Good deeds, Sabr, Salah, Zakat, Dhikr, Taqwa) with great emphasis. The repetition of these instructions shows us that they are not a one-time duty that Allah (swt) wants us to perform but a repeated series of acts, the repetition of which may make them a part of our character. And when these acts become intrinsically attached to our souls, the change will surely surface, followed with immense blessings and success in both worlds. Insha’Allah.

Life warrants one thing, death, day – night, and disaster – happiness; each follows a set pattern again and again. This consistency in their occurrences, promise a continuation of life. The day even a single atom terminates its action or changes course, Doomsday shall descend.

Nature shows it too very plainly. The bird flap flaps and flies, the baby suck sucks and drinks, the wave roars and hits, the river swishes and cascades, the cuckoo coo-coos and sings; hence, life  goes on and on for as long as it is ordained to. Repetition, being a constant characteristic everywhere!

We all harbour an innate desire and tendency to do good. We are success mongers. And for it, we strive surely but not consistently – and here is where the flaw lives. We work hard, promise help to the needy, stay positive, exhibit compassion, prevent gossiping, pray sincerely, recite Quran; but all of this we may do for a day, two days or may be a month beyond which our strength to struggle dissipates and our yearning for a grand result explodes.

Stay consistent and succeed

In short, the small word ‘consistency’ holds the key to success. Whether it be good grades, more wealth, knowledge, happiness, internal satisfaction or piety, consistency is the magical word that can make all happen. For it is in the nature, around us, within us, in every living cell/atom of the universe. Every particle is harmoniously synchronized to repeatedly sing a similar melody, and complete the beautiful picture called life.

This task may not be simple, but we have examples of truly successful people and a perfect example of our beloved Prophet (sa) to guide us along this road, as in it lies our true and sure salvation.